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Yes! You can have multiple characters in WoDG.

However, players should not have more than one character in a scene or story. The lives of their characters should be kept separate as much as possible. To do otherwise is just a meta-gaming mess waiting to happen.

There are times where player characters of the same player might have their paths converge in a storyline. In those rare events, STs should be notified so arrangements can be made. These arrangements may include that one of your characters is NPCed by the STs or a player you trust to do so and with the consent of the ST.


One Player Character Per Venue

To reduce the chances of your characters running into each other in stories, no player can have more than one character per venue. The exception would be Mortal and then only with ST approval.

Venue Idling

Getting a character sanctioned in a venue and not playing it while having active characters in another venue is not acceptable. If you have no intention of playing a character or if the character is inactive in its venue for 30 days or if a pattern emerges where the STs may feel that the character isn't being played legitimately for whatever reason, the STs will discontinue access to that character's venue forums and that venue's player handouts. The reduction in privileges will continue until such time that the STs can determine that the player will be participating in the venue on a legitimate basis. If the player returns to the same pattern of idling a character in a venue, then the STs will take other measures up to and including possible venue bans.

This is to avoid players from simply making a character in order to gain access to OOC information for another character they may be playing in another venue.

Semi-Retired and Retired Characters

The chat has been active for enough time that we have some advanced characters among the character population. Our definition of an advanced character is not simply a matter of a lot of EXP on a sheet, but a lot of status, accomplishments, etc. which all add up to quite a bit of personal power and influence.

The view of the team is not to force players to retire their advanced characters as these players have worked hard to gain the power that their characters have acquired over years of play. However, we do recognize that playing advanced characters has some very real limitations as it becomes increasingly difficult to bring in these characters into general scenes regularly from an IC perspective.

So players may elect to either voluntarily retire a character and either work to segue the character from the game or hand it over to a ST to NPC, or they may elect to semi-retire the character.

Semi-retirement is a state where the advanced character is out of general play except for in cases where that character is involved in a storyline that might carry them over in a general scene. These characters are still available for play in ST led storylines in which their characters have a place or in their own personal storylines involving their packs, coteries, cabals, alliances, etc.

The player is then free to create a starter character for the venue or venues in which they have semi-retired characters. These characters obviously belong to long time community members and therefore do not have a history of meta-gaming and are trusted by staff. However, if there should be an incident with crossing IC information, using one PC to support another, or other shenanigans the privilege will be revoked immediately and one PC or the other will have to be put on scene lock until the other is permanently retired for one reason or another.

Venue Pariahs

On the other end of the spectrum, we've had characters make such a mess of things for themselves that there is little to no hope of redemption or recovery. These are characters that, for whatever reason, have never quite got the knack of things and nothing ever clicked into place.

These aren't characters who have had some sort of bad luck with the dice, players that just had a bad day, got screwed in PvP one time, etc. These are characters that have had a string of epic fails that they've just never have been able to overcome for whatever reason.

We are a chat that expects players to RP out the consequences of their characters' actions. However, if for months and months a player gives it their best effort and the ST sees that there is pretty much no hope of recovery, there may come a time where the ST will take the player aside and suggest that the player re-roll a character and write the offending character out of the setting or give it to the ST to NPC.

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