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In World of Darkness: Gotham no individual is allowed to have more than one user login. To do otherwise is considered a form of cheating as there's no compelling legitimate reason to have more than one user login. Cheating is a permanently bannable offense in WoDG so don't do it.


Why So Harsh?

In our experience, people who make multiple logins and represent the fact that they are different individuals when in fact they are not, are trying to get away with something they shouldn't be.

  • Trolls could cause issues on one account which they throw away, while creating another one in which they are more well-behaved.
  • Cheaters could use another login to get an unfair advantage like Vampire players wanting to get around a poor Generation roll result could then simply create a new account and roll again.
  • Community members who have harassed other players can simply get around any disciplinary decisions or requests to not contact or engage the player they have been harassing by pretending to be someone else.
  • Community members can get around the rules that we have regarding multiple characters. They could then have multiple characters in venues and storylines to give themselves an unfair advantage.
  • Community members who have been banned, have thrown hissies and removed themselves, or are temporarily banned from participation could conceivably return under another login and circumvent previous rulings.

Multi-Logging is Not Allowed

Multi-Logging is when an individual opens more than one instance of the chat client for the purposes of role playing more than one character at a time. Don't do it. It's rude and inconsiderate.

Nothing is more of a drag than to have to wait on a player whose attention is divided between two or more scenes. Logging in two or more characters at once creates attention problems. Sometimes this can disrupt the flow of a scene and its tempo. This can be especially frustrating because RP depends a lot on dramatic tension created by tempo. So in World of Darkness: Gotham it's not allowed. You'll be kicked from the scene/session and from the chat if you do so.

That's not to say that we can stop you from logging into other chats. What you do on other sites is the business of that other site and you. However, if your RP suffers or gets slow, understand that other players and the STs are going to react. If it's known that you're playing elsewhere while also in a scene in WoDG, then expect some action from STs. STs will not allow multi-logged players to slow down the action of one of their sessions. It’s just not fair to them and their time, nor is it fair to the other players that they have participating in the session. It slows everyone down and things get dull.

If you're having delays because of something IRL, it's not that much to ask to note that you're afk. Be considerate of those around you and most times other players and STs will be happy to wait or find a workaround. However, if you cause too many delays due to unannounced afks, you may find other players reluctant to RP with you and STs will be unsympathetic.

  • This policy covers IC logins only. You're welcome to log your OOC and linger in the OOC lobby if you like while you are RPing. Just be mindful of your RP.

Multi-Logging, Multiple Accounts and Multi-Community Member Households

Our chat client has a little doohickey that we can flip on where we can ban more than one login per IP, but we don't want to do that because it would be unfair to households who have multiple users. There are an awful lot of couples that join chats together. Roomies also join chats together. I would be seriously pissed off if a hot new chat denied multiple IPs so that me and my buddy or sweetie couldn't RP together. It's for you guys that we don't flip that switch.

If we end up with a chronic multi-logging problem on the chat where we're constantly kicking people, we'll be forced to flip that switch. Not knowing how much of the chat software we can mod, that could mean that it would be a permanent and imperfect solution for everyone.

So it behooves multi-member households to narc on players who are creating multiple accounts or multi-logging so that we don't ever have to flip the switch.

Report Your Household Members to the Admins

That being said, you want to make sure that you're in compliance because you don't want to be mistaken for a cheater with multiple logins. As admins, our job is to take care of the back end of the chat and make sure everything is on the level. That means that we will be doing sweeps over the database to make sure that there's no hanky-panky going on.

You don't want to be caught up in those sweeps and banned, so please go to the admins and inform them that you are a multi-member household. We will then verify that you are more than one person, and put you on our legitimate list.

Multi-Logging, Multiple Accounts and Team Members

I require that all WoDG Staff maintain a total separation of their player-selves and their staff-selves. Not all team members will want to play, but those who do have got to maintain a separate login for their player characters.

When logged in as a player, a ST is a player. They are not allowed to conduct ANY Storyteller business AT ALL as a player. No sheet work, no answering questions, no anything. You are off the clock and not allowed behind the bar.

This is a serious rule because it avoids a lot of issues regarding handling of confidential information, misuse of ST authority, etc. So there will be absolutely no exceptions about this rule no matter how benign the intent of the Storyteller may seem. I mean what harm could it be to look over someone's sheet and answer that little request to witness a roll just that one time, right? WRONG!

Storytellers are allowed only ONE user login per individual just the same as players. They are subject to the same rules as players including multi-logging. This means that you cannot login as both a player and a Storyteller or login more than one instance of your player login just like players. It also includes logging into multiple chats. If we don't like players doing it, you shouldn't be doing it either. It's just tacky and inconsiderate.

Logging as Storytellers

When Storytellers are logged into the chat as storytellers they may need to login more than one instance of their STORYTELLER ACCOUNT at times to effectively carry off scenes and inhabit NPCs. This is the only legitimate use of multi-logging on World of Darkness: Gotham.

However, Storytellers need to be cognizant of everyone's time - and especially cognizant of budgeting their own. Please do not run more than one scene at a time, unless for some reason your storylines diverge and you're forced to run multiple groups of players because of cat herding issues or whatever. Use your good judgment.

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