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In WoDG we definitely don’t see mortals as a little waypoint before moving on to another venue. Nor do we see mortal player characters as fodder for other venues. Though we promote a lot of crossover, we like to give each venue the tools to nurture and execute story lines. This includes the Mortal venue just as much as it does Mage, Vampire, or Werewolf.

The mortal STs work just as hard as STs of other venues to weave their player characters into story lines. Having them just abducted into another venue is really not conducive to keeping stories going. There’s plenty of ways to do crossover right, leaping from venue to venue is not one of them.
So if you intend to have your mortal character change venues, then you will create it in that venue. For example, if you have a character that you want to use as a Blood Doll and then perhaps have them Ghouled down the road. You will create a mortal character who will be sanctioned by the VtM ST team. It’s easier on us as staff if you’re not bouncing around all the time. It also gives the ST of your intended venue the chance to get to know you as a player and get familiar with your character. Then those STs can help weave your character into the story lines of the venue. It also frees up the Mortal ST team to focus on players that intend to play characters within their venue long-term and helps the Mortal venue become as rich and vibrant as any of the others.

If you insist on creating a mortal and then by some off chance, your character meets a supernatural character and gets pulled into their story lines, that’s fine. You’ll just have to spend AT LEAST 6 months in the Mortal venue before we’ll consider a transfer. That shouldn’t be a problem as it should take somewhere around that long for a supernatural to get to know your mortal and then trust him enough with their dark secret and then bring him into their secret society. This shouldn’t be an overnight process. Plus it will give the mortal STs time to wrap things up with your character in their venue.

You will need to notify the Mortal HST and the other venue HST of the intention to change. Then they will talk and make sure that neither has a problem with the change. After that they go see the Thing 1 and if everyone is all satisfied Thing 1 will give the go ahead.

You will have to spend any EXP you have meeting any requirements for your new venue and the rest must be spent as a mortal. This is more a concern for Ghouls as supporting mortals for the other venues don’t really change much mechanically. The max EXP expenditure allowed is 30. Any other pooled EXP is lost. This means that mortals who have not found enough justification to spend EXP, but have a lot of EXP pooled for whatever reason are SOL. 

If your character was part of a Law Enforcement Agency and is becoming an Acolyte, then part of the process will involve your character’s retirement or transfer from operations. He will no longer be able to serve as a cop or agent. He can ride a desk or become a P.I. or consultant or whatever makes sense for your story. His bright career in Law Enforcement is done. He can use his contacts, allies, and influence in Law Enforcement for the benefit of his new patron, but he should no longer be directly involved.

Once the change has been completed, you will get a notification from the STs in your Character Dossier.

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