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Mortal Venue Lovin'

In WoDG we try to make the Mortal venue more than just a stop-over place before you manage to get your character Ghouled, Embraced, snatched up by some mage’s Cult, or married off to some Kinfolk to deal with a crazy ass family full of furry and grumpy tree-hugging folk.

Not that we don’t encourage, crossover – we so do. However we want you to consider as mortal players all the possibilities that the venue offers and make the most of them. When we say make the most we mean so that you can have the satisfaction of playing a totally under-powered character that is out-gunned and out-matched and ends up making a name for himself or herself.

Who needs all those freaky powers anyways? Powers are for pussies!

The mortal venue doesn’t only have to be a stepping stone to supporting character-hood in another venue. You can use it as a means to forge your own way and even crossover on your own terms. Just because your character is mortal, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a chance to stand on its own two feet without all the bells and whistles of groovy powers.

There are opportunities delving into all sorts of aspects of character development. We’ve also gone out of our way to provide some neat features to different facets of society like our official IC Gotham News Network, our Trends area of the forums, etc. These features can be cooler than any superpower if used to their full potential. Your character has a chance to have wide sweeping influence over the entire Chronicle the same as any other.

Plus there are plenty of great SLs that stand alone and crossover right here in the mortal venue. So don’t sweat having to spend your time in the venue, there’s plenty to do.

We hope you kick it and enjoy the venue and understand that we give mortals plenty of lovin’ here.

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