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Metaplot and Sept of the Green

For all of the bitching and moaning done about metaplot around here you might be thinking we’re about as contradictory as White Wolf for using such a famous setting. Well, no. Not really.

Sept of the Green is a name that happened to resonate when the Chronicle was conceived of a long ass time ago. There used to be a restaurant that was very familiar with called Tavern on the Green in Central Park. So the damned Sept name resonated and stuck.

So some of the NPC character concepts were cool and resonated too – so what?

The names have been changed as have the stats and histories and the metaplot is completely gone. So don’t go poking about the older editions and Rage Across New York for whatever scraps of information you can find. Rest assured that the regional landscape is not out of the book. Plus times have changed a lot since those books were first published and a lot of tweaking has gone on since the Chronicle was written when it was first played online.

So the campaign is totally different save for the general concept and the name of the Sept. Got it? Cool.

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