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World of Darkness: Gotham is a dark and deadly place. Harsh and horrific events transpire in the setting. Players know that the chronicle is 18 and over because of the adult content that is part of the WoD. Minors may not participate in the community. We have no intention of watering the content down.

However, there has to be a few guidelines up front for the whole community to adhere to so that our core value of fun and respect is maintained. They are as follows:

  1. WoD is a violent setting where it is very IC to have a character murdered or executed. Rejection of the graphic depiction of extreme violence or themes of a sexual nature is not the same as rejecting the events themselves. If all parties involved in the scene do not give consent to having a scene RPed, then events will be agreed upon or mediated and narrated by a ST and a “fade to black” option will be used to end the scene and establish events in the setting. Note that this sort of mediation cannot be used to change IC events, it can only establish a "fade to black" and spare more sensitive community members from being exposed to the description of extreme graphic violence and sexual content.
  2. STs must rate their storylines and scenes in terms of their level of graphic subject matter so that players may decide if the activity is appropriate for their comfort level. Ratings should be simple and easy to understand like movies or video games: PG, PG-13, R, NC-17 or E,T, M, A
  3. Players must rate their graphic content tolerance just as STs do. These ratings must be clearly displayed on their character wiki page.
  4. No player character will be below the age of a consenting adult. That means that the lower age limit for a character is 18.
  5. The default standard for public rooms is between NC-17 or M for Mature. Meaning that there can be some sexual content such as innuendo and nudity, some gore and violence (like you'd see in a slasher flick like one of the Saw films), mature themes (drug use), and foul language.
  6. No one has the right to pressure or harass a player to go beyond their comfort level. If you’re being harassed, bring the matter to the STs immediately with supporting screenshots and any other documentation such as dates and times so we can review our logs.
  7. To take a screenshot, press print screen and then open up Paint. Paste in Paint with a keyboard shortcut or in the program and then save the screenshot.

Note: A Mature scene is a scene that contains graphic imagery of one or more of the following: torture, sex, rape, execution, etc.

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