Marcus Garvey Park

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Marcus Garvey Park
Section: Uptown Manhattan
Neighborhood: Marcus Garvey Park and Mount Morris Park Historic District
Address: Madison Ave between E120th and E124th Streets
Owner/Operator: Public Space
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Marcus Garvey Park is nestled in a picturesque section of Harlem known as the Marcus Garvey Park or the Mount Morris Park Historic District.

The park facilities include the Pelham Fritz Recreation Center and an Amphitheater (both located on the west side of the park at 122nd Street), Swimming Pool (on the north side of the park), and two playgrounds designed for infants and disabled children which were built in 1993. A Little League baseball field occupies the southwest corner of the park. A dog run with wood chip footing is located on the southeast corner of the park. It's a focal point for the entire neighborhood featuring concerts, festivals, fairs, and a wide range of classes all free of charge provided by the city's Parks and Recreation department.

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