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Below are the descriptions of the most common and basic Combat Maneuver Complications used in World of Darkness: Gotham. They are a house blend of the different venues' systems to encompass them all in one common rules source.


Maneuver Complications Explanations


Attacks against an immobilized character are at +2 bonus dice if the target is still able to struggle (i.e. clinched, handcuffed or otherwise restrained). Attacks against a completely immobilized target succeed automatically (i.e., hog-tied, unconscious, or otherwise paralyzed).

Dazed or Stunned

If a character takes more than his Stamina (this includes both mages and mortals) in damage from a single attack, then the character is dazed/stunned. For vampires the damage from a single attack is Stamina +2. Garou gain the bonus to stamina based on their current form when calculating the amount of damage needed to stun the werewolf. The dazed character must spend his next full turn shaking off the effects of this attack. Only actual damage levels that the character does not soak can daze/stun him.


After suffering a general knockdown in combat (like getting hit by debris and falling down), a character makes a Dexterity + Athletics (Difficulty 6). This is a reflexive roll and does not take up an action. If successful, she may get back on her feet immediately, but her initiative is reduced by 2 in the next turn. On a failed roll, she spends the next action to climb to her feet, if she chooses to rise. On a botch, she lands particularly hard or at a severe angle, taking an automatic health level of bashing damage. Attacks versus a prone character get +1 dice to their rolls. All brawling and melee attacks made by a knocked down character take a penalty to -2 dice.

Please note that this knockdown applies when a character is knocked down in general and not when they are swept, tackled, etc. Those maneuvers have their own systems.

Multiple Opponents

You get a +1 difficulty to combat rolls for each opponent your character faces beyond the first up to a total cumulative penalty of +4 difficulty. For 10 or more opponents, use swarm rules.

Stake Through the Heart

A character targets the heart to drive a stake through it. This special melee attack is at +3 Difficulty to hit. Also, to fully immobilize a vampire using a stake, three damage has to be inflicted after the soak roll is made.

Traits: Dex + Melee Difficulty: +3
Accuracy: Normal Damage: Strength + 1 (Lethal)

Weapon Length

When an opponent wields a long melee weapon (swords, staff or other), your character finds it difficult to get into range for melee or brawl attacks, unless she is wielding a long melee weapon as well.

Traits: Dex + Brawl /Melee Difficulty: +1
Accuracy: Normal Damage: Per attack/Weapon type
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