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This article reviews methods of losing one's character, permanently. We don't recommend that you try to emulate any of these methods, however.


How to Lose Your Character

Losing a character means that the character is no longer playable as a Player Character by a player in WoDG.

Characters can be lost in a few ways in WoDG:

  1. Death: Is a popular choice among some. When a character dies, it is dead. This should be self explanatory, but it needs saying. Death is a way of losing your character. It doesn't come back to haunt other characters or live on in any way that is controlled by the player of that character. It is now in the hands of the STs.
  2. Embrace: Garou and Mage players should be very aware of this rule. If your character is Embraced, it will revert to ST control immediately. The STs will then describe its fate. Players can collaborate with STs on the exit of the character, but it is lost. No player will ever RP out an abomination for any length of time in WoDG, period. Note that Mortal Player Characters can be Embraced.
  3. Turning: Definitely a more nebulous state, turning is where your character gets flipped to the opposing side: Camarilla to Sabbat, Gaian to BSD, Traditionalist to Technocrat, Marauder, or Nephandi. Once a character has been turned from one of the Player Character factions to an NPC faction, it becomes a ST Controlled NPC. This will happen slowly over time as a turning doesn't just happen overnight, it is a process. Likely your character has been a mark, a spy, or an asset manipulated by the other side for some time, but once that process is done so are your days role playing that character. You and the ST will collaborate on an exit strategy. If the prospect is too much for you to bear, then the ST will do it for you. Some people are squeamish about this sort of thing.

A Word on Other Unpleasant Things

There are other manners of gotchas that don't render a player character unplayable in this setting. Players are expected to role play through the unpleasant gotchas as well as through the pleasant victories. Our philosophy in the end is to play smart and look after your own character, not piss and moan after you've been had. You are supposed to run your character and protect it, not the staff.

The following are some of the things that are not legitimate reasons for tossing a character:

  1. Blood Bond: Guys it's part of the game. Get over it.
  2. Mental Manipulation: There are a number of powers and even mundane methods to manipulate a character's mind. Like Blood Bonding, you're expected to get over it.
  3. Reputation Damaged: Work to redeem your character. It's no excuse for taking your marbles and going home.
  4. Humiliation: Lick your wounds and get over it. It could be a lot worse, you could be someone's bitch.
  5. I Can't Get Into My Character: Also known as, "my character sucks" or any of those types of variations. This is something we hear a lot and usually when any of the above four situations have preceded it.

Imprisonment and Incapacitation

Imprisonment and Incapacitation are referred to as "Scene Locking". It means that your character is benched from further play until such time as the state of imprisonment or incapacitation is resolved by another scene in the story.

It sucks, but it's a pretty common thing to be benched from play in such a fashion. This can happen in any myriad of ways over the course of a story.

Sometimes players incapacitate or imprison each other. We ask that when possible that you work with the other player for arranging play times and so on to resolve this part of the story in some fashion. Informing a ST is recommended, however, as it clues us in to the fact that something is up that may be worth monitoring. That way we can be sure that everyone is being a good sport and playing fairly with one another as with any other pvp action.

When your character is Scene Locked, the ST will switch your chat icon (the little picture next to your character's name in the user's list) to bars. Be patient and plot your next move or reflect on how you got your character in such deep shit and try to avoid it next time. Do not go talking OOC to all your friends and tell them what happened. Keep things IC. Let them enjoy the story too by allowing them to find out ICly. And don't go throwing a hissy fit because your character is Scene Locked. Scene Locking happens to most everyone at one point or another.

If you are a player imprisoning or incapacitating another player's character and you need to have the bars put on someone, simply go to your ST that you've hopefully kept in the loop and ask them to put the bars on. The ST will then step in as referee to make sure that the bars are legitimately called for and if they are, they will switch the disposition of the captive to Scene Locked.

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