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The Limelight
Section: BeMiDo
Neighborhood: Flatiron
Address: 656 Avenue of the Americas; W20th St. and 6th Ave.
Owner/Operator: N/A
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The Limelight is one of the largest club venues in Manhattan. Once a church, it is now a venue to several club promoters and it also books concerts, special events and private parties. Most nights feature a variety of music as the venue is so large, many promoters partner up to fill the three separate rooms. Most commonly the rooms are Trance/Jungle/Techno in the main room, Industrial in the second, and Gothic/Darkwave in the third.

The Limelight is the apex of the high energy Manhattan club scene. It is always packed. The music is always blaring. The drugs and booze flows freely among the outrageous and the flamboyant of the club scene. Security is tight. There are bouncers readily available in every room equipped with pepper spray, mini mag-lights, and headsets.

Cover for the Limelight varies depending on promoter. The standard is $25 without a flyer and after 11pm. Drinks average around $10 for wells, $15 for premium liquor, $7 for a beer. There is a kitchen open that serves finger foods that also range in price and again the menu varies with the event. Doors open at 10 pm and close at 7 am.

Note: All Perception related rolls are at + 2 difficulty in most areas of the Limelight. Use of Heightened Senses or any similar power in this setting may stun the Player Character for 2d10 minutes real time. ID is required and the club is 21 and over. Minors are at a +3 difficulty on social rolls involving sneaking in or passing fake ID off.

Please refer to the floor plan below for lay out of the setting.

Floor Plan Key

1. Entrance - There is normally a line extending around the entry out to the sidewalk (Area 22). A velvet rope and 2 Bouncers are the first to greet a guest.
2. Entry - Promoter and crew taking cover charge and checking guest lists.
3. Coat Check.
4. Metal Detector - and two bouncers on either side of it checking for weapons and other dangerous items. A navy velvet curtain covering the interior of the club is directly behind the bouncers.
5. Ground Floor Reception Bar - This Bar area is a funky plexi-glass design with fish swimming around in it. Seating is non-existent in this room as people gather here to chat and enter the rest of the club. The old church colonnade separates it from the main room (Area 6).
6. Main Club - This is the old nave of the church and features high vaulted ceilings. The old windows and the carved interior has been covered over and painted black. Here one gets a view of the crowded dance floor, the catwalk up above, the stage, the flashing strobes, and the main DJ booth which is a cage of chain link fencing (area 12). 6 bouncers.
7. Stage - This is a large stage area where the more daring exhibitionists dance.
8. Main Club Bar - All bars at the Limelight have four bartenders that keep up with the frenzied and demanding crowd. This bar is perhaps the most crowded of them all. Customers usually have to elbow each other to get their drinks. 2 bouncers.
9. Catwalk Stairs and Seating - An iron staircase leads up to the catwalk over looking in the main room. Below and all around it is a small area with coveted secluded tables with a ceramic black wall separating each from the other. Towards the rear of this area there are restrooms. 2 bouncers.
10. 2nd Club Room - This area is also known as the Industrial room. It's separated from the main room with a colonnade of the old church and a black velvet curtain. It has its own small bar and DJ cage (area 13). 6 bouncers.
11. 3rd Club Room - This area is also known as the Gothic room. It's separated from the main room with a colonnade of the old church and a black velvet curtain. It has its own small bar and DJ cage (area 14). 4 bouncers.
12, 13, 14. DJ cages.
15. Catwalk - This is a classic grated iron catwalk suspended and supported from above and below. It overlooks the main room. For the purposes of this floor plan it appears to be extended from the club when it is actually 3/4 of it hang over the Main Room. 2 bouncers.
16. VIP Area - A raised area off the catwalk with sumptuous sofas and chairs and a view of the throng below. Here the drugs flow freely and no one asks questions. A throwback from the Studio 54 nights. It is furnished with 2 bouncers at the entry.
17. VIP Lounge - Again this is an area where anything goes and the VIPs don't have to fight with the crowd below to get their drinks.
18. Upper Cloister Bar - An upstairs room overlooking the area below the arches of the original church colonnade offer a good view. There is seating here and one can get a full meal in this area.
19. Staff Only.
20. Kitchen and Spiral Stairs - This is a staff only area for cocktail waitresses and kitchen help as well as a security access way.
21. Alleys.
22. Sidewalk, Street and front façade of the club.

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