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Learning new Out-of-Clan Disciplines requires a PC teacher or the Mentor Background.

In the case of having taken the Mentor Background, the Mentor can teach any Camarilla Discipline up to the player character’s Mentor Rating. The only exception is clan-specific Disciplines like Protean and Thaumaturgy. If the player character is not from the Clan that possesses that clan-specific Discipline, the Mentor will not have access to it either. It’s a straight forward roll from there of Intelligence + Mentor Diff 6. On a success the Kindred learns the new Discipline or adds a level to one he already possesses.

In the case of having a player character teacher, both you and the teacher must role-play the mentoring to learn and teach a new Discipline. In addition, the appropriate amount of Experience must be spent to buy the dot in the Discipline. A Willpower roll (Current Willpower) will be required to learn by this method at Difficulty 8 with the number of successes required to be the level of the Discipline + 5. This is an extended roll. Once the accumulated successes are scored, the Discipline is learned. If during the extended action, no successes are gained (a failure), the attempt fails and must be resumed before the blood has faded from the system of the student (See: Blood Bond). If it is resumed directly afterwards, then it is at +1 Difficulty. If the student and teacher resume on another night (while the blood is still active in the student), then the attempts to teach once more resume at the original Difficulty. On a botch, the attempt to teach fails utterly and the student may not learn that Discipline from that teacher at all.

Learning a brand new Discipline from either a Mentor or another Player Character will require that the student drink the teacher's vitae and form a first stage Blood Bond. However, subsequent levels of an already known Out-of-Clan Discipline requires no additional drinking of vitae, but still requires instruction (rolling the systems above).

Finally, it is worth mentioning that by teaching or being taught a Discipline, a Prestation debt should be noted.

In-clan Disciplines are naturally within the player character's blood and can be bought with experience with no other role-playing or teaching involved.

Note that Disciplines like Thaumaturgy and Necromancy are considered courses of study rather than inherent in the Blood. Therefore they cannot be learned in this fashion they must be taught by a Mentor, PC teacher, or as a reward in a ST run storyline.

After tapping a Mentor, studying/practicing an in-clan Discipline, or tapping a player character source of knowledge, there will be a waiting period before you will be allowed to expend another dot in Disciplines based on level. Refer to the chart below:

Discipline Learning Times
Discipline Rank Time Spent
1 1 week
2 2 weeks
3 1 month
4 2 months
5 Unlocked by the ST only.

So based on the chart above if your character just bought a dot in a Discipline and he wants to spend Experience on another Discipline at level 4, he has to wait 2 months from the last time he bought his last dot in a Discipline.

This waiting period also extends to self-teaching physical Disciplines. Your character has to spend time focusing on unlocking his blood's potential after all.

Disciplines at 5 or more can only be unlocked by STs through outstanding accomplishments in open play and as a reward as part of a ST run storyline.

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