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The Lava Lounge

Section: Midtown

Neighborhood: Midtown, Times Square

Address: W46th St. and 6th Ave.

Tucked away in a forgotten alley near Restaurant Row off the Theater District is the Lava Lounge - a very smooth jazz club that one could swear was used as a setting in a Mickey Spillane novel. The only outward sign of the Lava Lounge evident in the dark winding alley just off W. 43rd Street, is a dim pink neon glow from the bare bones cocktail sign mounted to the dirty brick wall. Barely noticeable below it in the shadows is a rather large and ominous African American bouncer who simply grunts "ID" then motions the patron to pass through the drab metal door.

After passing through one is greeted by the dark interior and the smooth soothing sounds of a jazz trio which linger in the air with the cigarette smoke and the liquor and mingle with the buzz of what must be a crowd. A walkway stretches before the bar on one side and a cherry wood divider on the other. Ahead is the band on a small stage past the divider that breaks off about 30 feet deep into the place, and after crossing the walkway and taking a step down onto the sunken floor, one is amid the little tables with linen table cloths can be seen from this view surrounding the stage and stretching back into the darkness of the club with little covered cocktail lamps atop each of them offering the only light save the stage.

The cherry wood bar is draped in a dim warm reddish glow from the recessed lighting in the ceiling revealing the cocktail waitresses waiting on the handsome bartender complete with a million dollar smile and a snappy black suit to fill their orders.

Along the stage the lights blast down on the musicians as they entertain the invisible crowd whose identities are only given away by a glow of a cigarette cherry or a hand reaching for a glass under the glow of the warm light on each table. Towards the rear, lining the walls are rounded booths with high backs and hidden patrons sipping on the exceptional martinis that are the Lava Lounge's signature drink.

Note to Players: All sight Perception related rolls are at +2 difficulty in the Lava Lounge. Hearing Perception related rolls are at +1 difficulty. Use of Heightened Senses or any similar power enhancing hearing in this setting will stun the Player Character for 1d10 minutes real time during jazz acts. ID is required and the club is 21 and over. Minors are at a +2 difficulty on social rolls involving sneaking in or passing fake ID off.

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