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In World of Darkness: Gotham our core tenant of respect not only covers community members but it also extends to the community and the setting itself. It goes hand in hand with our assertion that WoDG is about having fun and we feel that it’s fun to RP in an immersive environment which explores character development in the horror genre. That’s why created WoDG and why we are here.

What does that all mean? It means that we have an expectation that players will treat the setting with respect and do their part to keep it real.

How do you do that? Well there’s a few ways…


Character Integrity

Keep true to your character concept and the stats on your character sheet. Play your character and don’t water it down or bring your OOC issues into it. If you’re playing a character with charisma 2, don’t RP like your character is more charming than a Southern belle at a cotillion. If your character is not a scientist, but you happen to be one IRL, don’t RP character like it has the knowledge and experience that you have. Play your character’s traits, motives, and personality - not your own.

Make sure that you keep your character motivation in mind always. Keep your sheet updated with a pertinent motivation. Outdated motivations can lead to disjointed characters.

Respect Mood and Theme

We've got a mood and theme for this game and despite the word Gotham in the chronicle name, we don't have Caped Crusaders and other nonsense in the game. What we consider over the top and what you might consider over the top can vary, but in the end everyone is expected to adhere to the spirit of the game. Characters and stories that are comical, campy, comic book, and over the top have no place here.

No Stealing Another’s Thunder

Figuring out loopholes to get goodies that are clearly specific to a Clan, Tradition, or Tribe not your own is not acceptable. STs will not allow it. Don’t even ask. Everyone has something nifty that makes their group special and cool and gives them a place in the setting. We won’t have it undermined or the group’s integrity undermined because someone figured out a way to do something similar to another Clan, Tribe, or Tradition with minor differences and placed a new snappy label on it. To do otherwise would create resentment in the community and it’s just not a road we will ever go down.

Keeping It Real While Participating in Crossover RP

World of Darkness: Gotham encourages crossover RP and storylines. It’s unavoidable in a geographically small area that is so densely populated like New York City. In fact, WoDG was designed with crossover in mind. So crossover away!


Players are expected to use common sense when engaging in crossover RP. Getting all silly with it or sharing your venue’s secrets with another supernatural is a sure way of getting into serious IC doo-doo. Stuff like that can be tantamount to treason and most societies and cultures execute for treasonable offenses.

Realize that there are consequences of RP and they can be harsh if your character is on the wrong side of something. So don’t go crying to the STs if something bad happens as a result of mishandling relations with another type of supernatural. Instead of being sympathetic, we’ll probably turn your character’s misfortune into a storyline for everyone to enjoy. Or we could give the player(s) that got your character to be silly in the first place EXP for getting one over on your character. Or we may possibly give them a little lore at your character’s expense.

Life in the cWoD can be a bitch that way. Suck it up and play smart.

No Snowflakes

In just about every online community there are snowflakes. They are the type of community member who has a great sense of entitlement and have an inflated sense of their own self-importance. We have rules and we have guidelines and a very definite scope to our project and community. Don't go slipping a ST a fpm on the sly asking to play a BSD or a Giovanni or a Ravnos or a Bastet, etc. We get a lot of that and every time we say no.

We happen to offer plenty of space for players to get creative and if the only way an incoming community member can find inspiration to be creative within our guidelines is to lobby to be the exception to the rule, then that incoming community member is not a good fit for World of Darkness: Gotham. Why? Because they have from the outset displayed an expectation that they are so much more special than other players that STs shouldn't apply the rules to them. What that tells us is that this person is not able to work well with others and will never be happy and find WoDG a suitable creative outlet. They are better off finding another game or making a game for themselves.

Domesticating Your Character and Keeping it Real

Some players want to play out romances and personal relationships with their characters. When done the right way, these kinds of stories can even be compelling and add to the game.

Be wary of going too far and letting your storyline devolve into some online rendition of playing house. However, we won't stop you if that's your thing unless your storyline starts to threaten the Chronicle's integrity and go contrary to the mood and theme of the game.

When babies and other complications start creeping in, we are forced to set some sort of policy and we’re not going to go through some crazy back and forth drama about what is or isn’t possible. It’s your characters’ personal storyline so you’re free to do what you want with it within reason.

Here’s the down and dirty:

  1. Babies have to be consensual. Both the father and the mother have to give consent for the pregnancy. Then a due date will be set and noted on the character sheet of both parents. The exception are Garou. Vaginal sex involving werewolves will result in a secret roll made by the ST team. STs will inform players of a resulting pregnancy. The obvious exception are vaginal sexual encounters with metis.
  2. You can’t have the resulting baby be something crazy like half-mage half-werewolf or whatever. We’re not going to tell you that the baby is destined to be a plain old fashioned mortal, but we will insist that a choice be made eventually. In the case of Garou, you're going to have to leave choice to chance. STs roll for the results behind the scenes.
  3. Awakening and First changes will happen after the baby reaches the appropriate age. In most cases this age is in the teens. Since aging happens real time, we won’t have to deal with that issue for another 15 or 16 years. So don’t ask to be running First Changes and Awakenings for your characters' kids.
  4. What if the baby is a lupus and the breed form is a wolf? Don’t they age in dog years until first change or something? There are no lupus PCs so we don't imagine this an issue.
  5. What if the baby is a Metis and the breed form is Crinos? Well if the baby is Metis, good luck to your characters IC. You’ll both need it.
  6. What if you want a divorce because you’re sick of each other IC and OOC? It’s your storyline. You both as players decided to attach your characters to each other in an intimate way. As players you are at the very least co-conspirators or collaborators and perhaps, if you’re lucky , you’re OOC friends as well. So work it out and make it part of the know the part known as “The End”.
  7. “I want out. He or she is stalking me!” Alright. Then that’s different and you should tell the offending player clearly that they need to back off. You need to document the behavior and screenshot it as you would with any harassment issue, then bring it to the STs’ attention and we’ll go from there.

Don't Even Try to Pull a Sam Haight

Just to expand on the crossover and thunder stealing topics - don't go trying to make some sort of crazy stretch for an Abomination type of character. If we start seeing players going down those roads, we're going to put an end to the whole thing very fast and very hard.

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