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To get to your character's journal, merely press the Journal tab on the right hand side of the Character Dossier. This will take you to the main Journal Page.

Journal chardosser tab.jpg

On the Journal Page you can access:

  • Character Sheet Change Information - This is a record of all changes made to your Character Sheet by the STs. No ST can change anything on a sheet without the change being logged into the system and being displayed here. This way all Character Sheets are tamper-free.
  • Your Journal Entries Table - This is a table with the record of all your Journal Entries to date.
  • Journal Entry Form - This is where you can enter in a new Journal Entry.


To view an Entry in your Journal, merely press the link in the topic column of the Journal Entries table.


A Journal Entry can be Locked or Unlocked by the STs, this feature is in place to enable STs to save entries that are used for justification of Sheet Change requests and explanations of character development which is essential for the character. (Seeking material etc.) This way the material is safe from being tampered with. Please note the link named Back, which will bring you back to the Journal page.

Note: STs have no editing power over Journal Entries. They only the power to lock or unlock them.

An unlocked Journal Entry


A locked Journal Entry


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