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The Jeckyll & Hyde Club

Section: Midtown

Neighborhood: Midtown

Address: 1409 Avenue of the Americas; W57th and 6th

Sitting in Midtown a few blocks from Central Park, lies an odd site. Sandwiched in with the great buildings lining the Avenue of the Americas, the Jekyll & Hyde Club sticks out like a sore thumb along the more stereotypical businesses of the area - a very...large...and macabre looking thumb at that. Rising up five stories in a narrow and long section of real estate, the façade sports a columned entrance and wholly gruesome array of objects jutting from its walls. The club is known for being a haven for the artsy to the downright odd.

The restaurant and show are most well-known for a series of unexplained murders that took place at the turn of the century in the very building it occupies which has a nasty reputation for being haunted. At the large oaken doors leading inside, a short and very deformed looking chap in a red antique doorman's suit stands leaning on a crooked cane while he peers down the long winding red carpet that stretches down the sidewalk for patrons to wait upon before entering.

Once inside a vaguely amusing, slowly falling ceiling of spikes gives newcomers a brief thrill before they are allowed to enter the club proper lower floor. A reception desk full of eager employees work quickly to seat patrons at any of the restaurant’s themed five floors. Escorting guests into the antique, wrought iron, grated elevator a helpful member of the staff eagerly shuts the grating and operates the apparatus with a smile as the guests view each macabre floor on their short trip. Appointments in the rooms range from the comfortable booth seating of the Grand Foyer on the lower floor a room dotted with statues of Greek Gods, to the Library section with plush booths and walls lined with ancient and not so ancient texts completely swathing the area in a musty ambiance resembling a stately manor, up to the Laboratory which sports small wrought iron café-like seating and a bevy of gruesome scientific notes and devices which decorate the stone walls, and further up to the Mausoleum which has wooden and stone seating and bare cracked walls artfully etched and painted upon with ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs and imagery, and finally up to the lofty Observatory where patrons may look upon the stars through the working telescope and check constellations against the detailed star map lining the ceiling and walls, all the while enjoying a comfortable chair and a fine drink.

Note to Players: All sight and hearing Perception related rolls are at +1 difficulty in The Jeckyll & Hyde Club.

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