Jack's Billiards

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Jack's Billiards

Section: Midtown

Neighborhood: Hell's Kitchen

Address: 683 10th Ave., W47th St and 10th Ave.

Nestled into the densely populated streets of Hell's Kitchen is one of the area's more popular night hang outs - Jack's Billiards. The long, dark alley on W47th St. and glowing red neon sign reading "Jack's Billiards" behind Galetti's Italian Family Restaurant, marks the spot where the roughest and seediest pool hall on the West Side keeps the action going amidst the swirls of ribboning smoke and street gossip hanging in the stale air. A wire-encased and flickering incandescent bulb that at any moment could be swallowed up by the pitch black shadows drenching the area, valiantly lights a set of narrow stairs that lead down to the plain wooden door at the entry of the pool hall.

CRACKKKKKK! Upon entering the bare brick walled basement pool room, rows and rows of tables upon a bare cement floor and set across from a bar that runs the span of the entire establishment greet one who enters with the unsettling feeling of a multitude of calculating eyes lift up from the darkness surrounding the room with glowing embers from floating cigarette cherries that steadily contribute to the permanent haze of smoke. The alcohol and street gossip flow freely here as the only illumination in the billiards joint minus the bar, the hanging lights shining above each table, keeps the high stakes action at center stage. A gruff bald man stands behind the bar serving shots and beer and a spindly little waitress weaves her way around delivering drinks, always careful to mind her way amongst the serious gamblers leaning over the tables and lining up their next shots.

Note to Players: All sight Perception related rolls are at +2 difficulty in Jack's Billiards - except when looking over a specifically lit billiard table.

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