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Player Activity and You

WoDG is a community where both STs and players have invested a lot of time and effort to bring the game world alive and develop their storylines.

We are happy to accommodate players with a variety of commitment levels. However, what we expect from players in return is that they are honest with STs, their fellow players and themselves about their level of commitment.

Game Play Styles

What do we mean by commitment levels? We mean the game play style that you are most comfortable with and most likely to pursue given your availability. It's an expectation of activity that you can realistically maintain given your IRL circumstances. Not everyone falls exactly in these neatly in these categories. Most will fall somewhere in between. However, we ask that you take a moment to think about how much time you realistically expect to invest here in World of Darkness: Gotham. Then you need to articulate the team and other players in your OOC and IC profiles as well as your character's wiki page.

This way everyone has realistic expectations of each other and can respect the boundaries of other community members. It also helps in setting up times to roleplay and gives others ideas on how to pace their storylines with your characters.

Below are some common play styles we see in game.


You prefer to log in a couple times a month up to as much as once a week and just get in character. You really don't expect or want to get involved in ST storylines and enjoy more open gaming and player driven stories. Your character has really no serious gameworld impacting goals to speak of. Your play style might be quite passive. You enjoy socializing IC most. You identify with your characters, but you're not really invested in their growth. IRL is really too busy to really get into things too deeply or you consider RP only a small part of your entertainment time.

Casual players are just here to get in game and relax IC as they often are too busy IRL to get in and game. They are players who appreciate the ability to get IC when the fancy strikes them, can't make a commitment to the game, and don't create any work for STs. Although their characters are as compelling as any other player's character, they stick to concepts that don't require a lot of maintenance to pull off.

Casual players will not be allowed to create any characters that are of restricted character types such as rural Garou tribes, metis, or Tremere. Due to the sheer amount of time involved in managing a mage character, they will be off limits to casual players.


You are a casual to semi-serious player who logs in more regularly (a few times a week). The bulk of your play is in open gaming and player driven stories, but you're up for playing in ST storylines as a change of pace and to meet your character goals. You do have a couple serious milestones you'd like to accomplish with your character. Your play style might be a bit more aggressive as you mix up socializing with a bit of IC scheming. You identify with your characters, and you'd like to see them grow. IRL is really busy, but you try to carve out entertainment time for yourself regularly and keep to it. One of your favoured things to do for entertainment is RP.

Semi-Hardcore players wish they had the time to play more. Their activity may be spotty as they go through bouts of being super busy IRL to not so busy. Their ticket activity reflects that as they spend their time mostly in open gaming, but hook into a story when their time allows for it. When they are active, they post tickets and when they aren't they give staff a break and hold off on the sheet work that they may otherwise generate.

Semi-Hardcore players will not be allowed to create any characters that are of restricted character types such as rural Garou tribes, metis, or Tremere.


You are a serious player who logs in almost each day. Not only do you participate in open gaming and you enjoy stirring things up and your engaged style keeps other players busy with story hooks you supply. You are a self-starter player who enjoys actively moving storylines along. You are constantly working to achieve a wide variety of character goals and you consider your character's strategy carefully. You find an aggressive play style as your favoured mode. You identify intimately with your characters and you are actively growing them in game and in downtime. You are busy IRL, but you have definite entertainment time almost every day. Your favourite thing to do for entertainment is to RP.

Hardcore players are consistent in their activity level and have the most time to play. They are often hubs of player activity as storylines tend to spill from their interactions with other player characters as they deliver news of in-game events and are embroiled in many player driven stories. Their consistency requires a lot of upkeep on both the player side and the staff side as they generate tickets and sheet work on a consistent basis.

Only hardcore players who have demonstrated a six month track record of consistent and conscientious participation in WoDG will be allowed to create any characters that are of restricted character types such as rural Garou tribes, metis, or Tremere. Any history of flaky behavior will result in a flat denial of consideration. In taking on the responsibility of playing a restricted character type, the player will maintain a regular activity level with that character. This means regular play a couple times a week and follow up activities such as downtime.

MIA Where's Waldo?

We’re all human and things happen in our IRLs. Everyone understands that. However, when our community members get busy or have to divide their interests, those who are actively participating in WoDG also are deserving of understanding.

That being said we need to say a few words about keeping stories and the tempo of the Chronicle going…

There are times where IRL gets in the way and people go MIA from RP. However, that’s no excuse to drop off the face of the planet without a heads up to fellow players who may be involved in SLs with your character or STs who have done some hard work weaving your character into Chronicle storylines. The chat has many tools with which to keep in touch. We have forums so players and STs can pm each other so that they don’t have to give out their personal emails and so on. You can post an announcement on the forums IC or OOC. You can even send in a contact ticket to let the STs know that you'll be away. There’s no reason that for any player not to show a little consideration by taking a minute or two to notify staff and players that you’re going to be absent and to work with them to resolve your character's participation in any ongoing storylines.

If you still choose to disappear, then STs will have no choice, but to step in so that the characters engaged in storylines with your character can continue with their own parts in the story and move on. When we intervene, we will try to do what is best for all parties involved. However, our ultimate concern isn’t for the MIA player, but for those who have been left behind and the integrity of the setting.

Players will have no more than 14 days to log in and exit storylines on their own. Most commonly players discuss with each other what's best for the story and come to a decision on their own as to how events unfolded.

In the event that players can't work out the arrangements together, STs will NPC their characters and gracefully untangle them from the storylines as the plot allows or send out appropriate tickets in the Character Dossier.

In the case of abandonment, where there is no notice from the player, the STs will move in a timely fashion to find a resolution at their discretion. This could even be in as little as a week depending on whether or not the abandonment has left players scene locked while waiting for the flake to log in. From there, the player character is left within the gameworld but occupied with some other endeavor that keeps them from the rest of the group until 3 months has passed then the following policy kicks in:

Chat Inactivity Policy

We understand that people have lives. However people who have lives have also have to understand that the community flourishes on activity and some venues have limited slots and sometimes players have storylines that depend on other characters being present. So we have to prune inactive members from our lists.

Player characters will be recycled and made into NPCs with the same names or perhaps we use the stats for another NPC entirely and they will be stripped from the database after 6 months of complete inactivity UNLESS…

  1. They have notified the ST of their intention to take a break and they are not playing a supporting PC like a Ghoul, Kinfolk, or Acolyte.
  2. They have notified the ST of their intention to take a break and they are not playing a domitor, Garou relative/mate, or Master to an Acolyte follower.
  3. They have notified the ST of their intention to take a break and they are not playing a restricted clan, tribe/breed, or tradition. 
  4. If they play one of those above types of characters and they have not notified the ST and the players that they are playing with of their intention to take a break within 30 days, then the ST will make arrangements to wrap up the storyline for those who are left behind as per above.
  5. If they play one of those above types and they have notified ST and the players that they are playing with of their intention to take a break and they have not logged in for more than 3 months to wrap the story up or pick up the threads and continue on.
  6. If a character is in an active storyline and does not notify staff within 14 days their intent to continue the story and set a definite date that they will return to the storyline, the player character will be considered abandoned and revert to NPC status so that the storyline may be resolved.

Please note that STs must be notified and that we have more than ample enough tools to use to contact the chat by computer or by smartphone or any other portable device foe that matter. There’s really no excuse to not just send a quick message “IRL Hell next few weeks/months. Please hold my spot!”

Once a player character has been recycled or the storyline has been resolved, then there will be no “rewinds” or “undos”. This is part of dealing with the consequences and being accountable for your character.

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