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Figure 1. Chat Launcher with hunting link. Click to enlarge.
Figure 2. The Hunting System page. Select an area to begin your hunt. Click to enlarge.
Figure 3. The Hunting System page. Specify a neighborhood. Click to enlarge.
Figure 4. A successful hunt with results displayed and blood pool filled. Click to enlarge.
Figure 5. A botched hunt with results displayed and notification of ST contact. Click to enlarge.
In WoDG, Kindred will have to hunt IC from time to time for vitae in addition to their weekly allotment. This is especially so if they have exerted a lot of blood in combat or what have you. STs can't be there with players all the time. We also like to use our time running scenes for groups rather than individuals if we can help it. So hunting is handled via an automated system.


Hunting System

You can access the Hunting System from the hunting link in the chat launcher (figure 1). Once you've done that you will be brought to the Hunting page where you start by selecting an area in which to hunt (figure 2). Note that in this page you will find a Blood Pool indicator with your character's current blood pool marked for your convenience.

After you've selected an area in which to hunt, you will have to further narrow your specifications by selecting a neighborhood in which to hunt (figure 3.). Once you have submitted your query, the system will make the appropriate rolls for your hunt. These rolls include a perception check to see if your character has successfully found suitable prey and a roll for how many blood points gained from the vessel.

This is called feeding. Feeding involves the extending of fangs penetrating the flesh of a vessel and then drinking the blood from it. This is known as the Kiss. The Kiss causes EXTREME ecstasy in most cases on both the part of the drinking vampire and his victim. It is what causes a vampire’s victim to cease struggling unless their Willpower is high (Willpower 9 or better) and it is the closest thing a vampire can come to bliss. It is the vampire version of orgasmic pleasure.

We assume that the player character breaks the Kiss successfully unless he fails a frenzy check which is initiated by the system when a player character has 7 – Self-Control blood points in their system or less.

Difficulties for all rolls are hidden and are based on a number of factors including clan, neighborhood, who owns the domain in question, etc.

Upon a successful hunt, your character will have blood automatically put into his pool (figure 4.). You can hunt as often as you like, but each time you hunt you risk the chance of failing or botching. Also, note that you will never gain more than your maximum permanent Blood Pool so hunting while full of blood is useless to you and it still carries the risk of a botch. The system does take Efficient Digestion into account when calculating difficulties and vitae gained. Herd is not calculated in this system and is instead added as a bonus to the default weekly Blood Point award everyone gets. Fame is not added in this system or in the weekly awards.

Hunting Complications

In the case of botching a perception roll or a frenzy roll, the system will indicate that you have botched (figure 5.). It will automatically generate a ticket to you and the ST staff where complications will be dealt with via ticket and possibly in chat as well. Players who have botched a hunt should wait until their botched hunting ticket is closed before hunting again.

Vampire Nookie: Feeding Off Other Kindred, and Creating Ghouls

There are many many complications when vampires feed off one another or when a vampire feeds a mortal thereby creating a ghoul. Kindred blood is highly addictive. Even the sight and smell of it causes vampires to make Self-Control rolls at Difficulty 5 in order to avoid being drawn to it and drinking. A failure indicates that the Kindred will heed the call of the blood and work to taste of it. A botch indicates that the Kindred goes into Frenzy and will try to sink their fangs into the object of the Beast’s hunger.

The potency of Kindred vitae rises with Generation. Those Kindred of lower Generation simply have more addictive and tastier blood coursing through them. Those drinking this type of potent vitae need to factor that into their RP. It’s simply harder to resist really good smack.

Mainly this sort of feeding (with the intent to repeat and addict a vessel) occurs when creating a Ghoul servant and Blood Bonding them or when Blood Bonding a Kindred. In such cases the addictive properties should be role played, however once the character has tasted potent blood, the difficulties to resist drinking in the future rises.

Difficulties to resist drinking blood that has been tasted before are at +1 (Self-Control roll. Base difficulty per Frenzy Provocation Chart). The difficulty is further adjusted by the difference in Generation of the Kindred feeding and the Kindred providing the blood.

This is even done when there is no particular hunger involved because the instinct to commit diablerie is always present in the bestial natures inherent in vampires. Kindred may not want to resist drinking in which case, no roll is required. However to break the Kiss before draining the Kindred vessel and proceeding into the stages of Diablerie, the feeding Kindred must make a Self-Control roll at base difficulty 6 +1 per level of difference in Generation. The Kindred vessel is free to make a Self-Control roll at any time at Difficulty 8 in order to fend off a possible Diablerie.

Ghouling Other Supernaturals

No. Just no. If in the off chance a Garou or mage is given Kindred vitae it will not Ghoul them. They can be Blood Bound but they will gain no benefit of the blood. As they do not have Self-Control, they may break the Kiss with a Willpower roll Difficulty 8 or they can spend a Willpower point to break it automatically. Further, as Garou are finely attuned to the spirits and such attempting to ghoul one will likely show up in Sense Wyrm or simply by conferring with spirits. Mages can detect the blood with simple Sphere level 1 scans with Prime or Matter or Life or Entropy - hell there are just a number of ways that they can detect the blood in their systems. From there, they can exact revenge or take steps to correct the problem.

In cases where both vampires are engaged in feeding on each other, it is the equivalent of sex or what we like to call "vampire nookie". They both may attempt to break the Kiss using Self-Control at Difficulty 8 for the vessel and Difficulty 6 for the Kindred drinking. Obviously one can see the difficulties of taking vampiric lovers as it would suck (terrible pun intended), to drain your lover. Many vampiric lovers take precautions of having vampiric "safe-sex" in order to avoid cannibalizing one another but there is always a danger, which for some sick twists may be part of the rush. If vampires are engaged in both feeding and drinking at the same time, then they revert to the higher difficulty and feel both sides of the Kiss at the same time. Now while one will not drain another this way if they fail their rolls (as the blood is flowing from all Kindred engaged in the activity), there is a possibility of Frenzy or the Kindred will simply drink all night as they are held in the Kiss. Eventually the sun will come up and make them drop. This sort of complication will obviously have some sort of effect on the Kindred involved.

If a Kindred or Ghoul is attempting to avoid drinking from another to whom he is Blood Bound (known as his Regnant), then the difficulty to resist the urge to drink is always 9. The number of times he has drank from his master, indicates how many successes are needed. Willpower may be expended per the Blood Bond system to further resist the command to drink if the Bond has been eroded somehow, but the addiction is still there and therefore the difficulty does not decrease.

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