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Hunter's Hunted

There comes a time when a guy just simply can’t explain everything strange that’s happened to him. His hairs on the back of his neck are constantly on edge. He can’t sleep. There are the nightmares. The god damned nightmares. He’s sick all the time. He can’t shake the feeling that he’s being watched. Then there was his buddy. Man he saw him take a dive off the 5th floor of his shitty apartment building and jelly up the sidewalk. He saw the meat wagon scrape him off the sidewalk and haul his dead ass away. Not more than a week later he could have sworn he saw him cross-town in some suit that cost more than a fucking car and some sweet ass broad on his arm that looks like she’s not the kind to settle for hamburger. That bitch is filet mignon all the way.

So what’s a guy to do? Well sometimes he gets curious. Too curious. Then that’s when shit really starts getting strange…

The Hunter storylines in World of Darkness: Gotham focus on the paranoid subculture of the few mortals huddled in fear who swear that there’s something freaky going on. Some just look for proof. Some look for answers. Some look for revenge. They are a varied lot.

One thing they have in common is paranoia.

Instead of high-tech communications and crazy powers, they are off-the-grid conspiracy theorists and crackpots who are looking to survive and maybe…just maybe get a little payback if they’re lucky.

These guys go so dark that barely a soul knows about them. So they think. Their main advantage is their lack of organization and centralization. They are disenfranchised and spread out over a wide range of demographics.

No one knows how to contact them. How could they? They aren’t even a “group”. But somehow they know how to contact each other.

Maybe at some point your character might receive a clandestine message to join the ranks of the crazy and the paranoid.

Note: This is really a risky storyline. Players need to understand that "if you mess with the bull, you're going to get it by the horns." Player character death can be very very common. There is no balance. You're playing a mortal messing around in things that he can barely understand and can't possibly imagine. Your character is the total underdog. Do not expect balance - expect horror. Is this just a storyline about gung-ho hunters? No. We do not and will not ever run anything resembling Hunter: The Reckoning. It's a storyline about a collection of humans who are driven far underground because they have an inkling of what's out there and have no idea who they can trust. They can't even trust each other. Their motives and goals are varied as are their methods. What they do with their knowledge is entirely up to the direction of the storyline and the agendas of the characters involved. 

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