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World of Darkness: Gotham is a two-way street. In order for the Chronicle to be successful and for the community to flourish we need the support of our player base.


Ease of Use, Immersion, and Suggestions

In World of Darkness: Gotham, one of our underlying philosophies is to maintain policies and features that are easy for the community to use. We are constantly trying to improve the chat and its features with more efficient policies and efficient tools to help our players with immersion so that they can get IC and RP and to help our STs support those efforts. So we welcome suggestions from our community members.

If you have a suggestion or an idea of how to improve the chat, we want to hear about it. You can either start a thread in our ideas forum or send us a Poke. We may not always incorporate your suggestion directly, but we will listen and think it over. Perhaps we might refine your idea and use it down the road.

Help Keep the Chronicle Vibrant

STs and admins do their part to help make the chronicle fun and interesting for players to enjoy, but in order to really keep energy levels at their peak we also need players to help out.

There are a couple simple and easy ways players can do this:

  1. Tell a friend about WoDG. We all have RP friends and know others in the RP community. Bringing your friends with you or spreading the word around, will help bring new blood into the game and keep the player base fresh.
  2. However, as cool as bringing your friends with you is, it’s even cooler to make new ones. We understand players have their favorite RP partners, but we need to include everyone as much as possible. So minimizing online RP cliques by inviting other players to participate in RP and storylines when appropriate goes a long way in making sure that people feel welcome and included.

Schemes? Yes, please!

Please do scheme, plot, set goals, participate, be proactive, and get down and dirty with your characters. Every good story known to mankind had conflict. Anyone who’s ever taken a class in creative writing or literature understands that stories involve one or more protagonists overcoming obstacles. This is called literary conflict and it's the bread and butter of WoDG. Antagonists don’t have to be other players. You need no evil mastermind to act as a nemesis to get things going - though it’s always nice to have a good nemesis. Your character can just as easily battle their own inner demons as they can their physical arch-enemy.

However, WoDG is not one of those chats where players who try to stir things up are shut down because someone is whining OOC about what is happening to their character. The last thing we want is stasis...and that’s just where that kind of attitude leads a chronicle.

STs need player characters to have conflicts with themselves and one another so that content is generated and storylines flow throughout the Chronicle. It helps players too because then storylines tend to have some personal meaning to their player characters and are rife with compelling hooks.

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