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Section: Uptown Manhattan
Neighborhood: Upper East Side
Address: 564 Park Ave. and E62nd St.
Owner/Operator: N/A
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In the heart of the Upper East Side is one of the many playgrounds of New York's more refined and elegant citizens. The place is Hamilton's - one of the most upscale martini and piano lounges in Manhattan.

A plain granite facade marks the entry of the swank establishment. Easily looked over by day, at night it comes alive with valets and limousines while distinguished men and elegant ladies step through the embossed bronze doors and up a flight of stairs to the second floor.

Upon entering one is greeted by a slurry of hosts in a small foyer who attend to the reservations which are often booked weeks in advance for the small restaurant off to the left side. However, the main attraction of Hamilton's is the lounge which is a favorite among young and the up and coming elite for its subdued, yet very stylish atmosphere.

Here, among the blue and purple tinted lights shining down upon the sleek and modern decor, patrons are greeted by the soft sounds of the piano player towards the rear of the room and the smell of fine cigar smoke ribboning up to the ceiling. An arched mahogany bar sits directly to the right of the entry and at the far end is a small alcove with spotless restrooms complete with grooming attendants. Soft couches line the brick walls on the north side of the room...while on the south beautiful views of Park Avenue are afforded behind the "S" curved continuous booth seating with little clear cocktail tables set into the dark hardwood floors, each coming with a small votive candle and tinted crystal ashtray atop it, and spaced out evenly in front of each inward curve.

Note to Players: All sight Perception related rolls are at +2 difficulty in Hamilton’s. Hearing Perception related rolls are at +1 difficulty. Use of Heightened Senses or any similar power enhancing hearing in this setting will stun the Player Character for 1d10 minutes real time during music acts. ID is required and the club is 21 and over. Minors are at a +2 difficulty on social rolls involving sneaking in or passing fake ID off.





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