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Grand Central Station

Section: Midtown
Neighborhood: Midtown
Address: 89 E42nd St at Park Ave

Grand Central Terminal is one of two transportation hubs in New York City - the other being Penn Station located under Madison Square Garden. It serves both local subways and national trains such as Amtrak.

Grand Central has been more fortunate than its counterpart. The glorious Penn Station was torn down in the 1960's in the name of progress and replaced with a modern structure that looks dated and ugly, however Grand Central has been preserved as a national landmark.

Grand Central Terminal was built in 1913. It is a massive structure whose architecture follows a Classical motif as one can see from the vaulted ceilings, columns and Greco-Roman Statues lining the façades. The station has many lines meeting in the myriad of subterranean platforms and is the busiest train station in the United States with commuters buzzing all around it during the weekday rush hours.

Nothing escapes the urban planners of New York City as Grand Central Terminal has within it a promenade of exclusive shops, a food court located off the concourses leading to the platforms, a posh restaurant and bar overlooking the main terminal, and even a supermarket - all of it designed with the busy New York commuter in mind. The whole terminal is a virtual community all by itself even housing a police precinct and employing hundreds of people to maintain the jewel of the transportation corridor.

As this is such an expansive complex, there is no way a brief description can do it justice. For more information and RP inspiration, please see the official website: Grand Central Station Official site

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