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Members of the Press: Gotham News Network

Gotham News Network is the official IC News Network of World of Darkness: Gotham.

It's a collection of the best columns and news sources from the city in one place. Writers, pundits, journalists, photographers, newscasters, etc. from the top news networks, periodicals, magazines, etc. are all affiliated. If you're playing a writer for the New York Times, chances are your column is picked up by GNN. 

This is something you’re going to want to get in on as a player as it's a great way to affect the Chronicle as a whole. 

Members of the press will get to be contributors to GNN and have a column that will be featured in the News section of the website and their headlines will be featured on the homepage of the WoDG website. That way everyone will be clued in right away as to what is going on in the City.

Each member of the press can compete for readership and cultivate their credibility as journalists among the entire player base.

Even newscasters can participate by sending up their own IC blog instead of a column in the same news area.

So get out there and get to earning your character’s Pulitzer!

Writing GNN News Articles

To learn how to use the Press feature on the World of Darkness: Gotham Website, see: Writing News Articles

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