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Below is a mandatory article for all Garou players. Gnosis is an aspect of every Garou character and players need to pay more than lip service to it. Players who ignore it and don't incorporate the spiritual aspect of their characters into their play will find STs very uncooperative when it comes to allowing them to purchase Gifts, use meditation, activating or creating fetishes, dealing with spirits, and of course spending Experience on raising Gnosis permanently.

We've gone to great lengths to expand on Gnosis from the core texts and we've given you a chart with descriptions of the different ratings of Gnosis to help you role play it. Everything you ever wanted to know about Gnosis is contained here and if there something that isn't covered, let us know and we'll add to the article.


Gnosis Powers the Spirit

To put it plainly, Gnosis is the stuff that powers the spirit and connects the Garou's physical aspect to his spiritual aspect. The rating expresses the strength of the Garou's connection to his spiritual aspect. It also expresses the extent to which that spiritual half can be tapped to power the Garou's various supernatural abilities that are rooted in the spiritual world such as stepping sideways, peeking, activating Gifts, activating Fetishes, negotiating with summoned spirits, etc. It is the amount of raw spiritual energy that the Garou has to trade with spirits and other entities who value Gnosis. Gnosis is the essence and currency of the Umbra.

Permanent Gnosis is a reflection of your character's connection to the Mother, his spiritual half, and the world of spirits in general.

Temporary Gnosis is a reflection of how much spiritual power he has available to him at any given time from that connection.

Role Playing Gnosis

In role play terms Gnosis is the Garou's connection to the Sacred Mother and the effect that connection has on him. It is how the Garou feels and experiences that connection.

Role Playing Gnosis as a Personal Connection

Each Garou feels and experiences Gnosis a little differently and to different degrees.

For some this can be a comfort and place of peace in an otherwise tormented life full of Rage and the Curse. For others, they are scarcely aware of their own spiritual halves and have nothing to balance their urge to kill and destroy. They exist with barely any instinctive sense of purpose and rely on their connection to other Garou and the Garou community to experience their spiritual connection almost exclusively. Theurges, moots, instruction from more experienced Garou are the methods by which a character with low Gnosis comes to appreciate the importance of their Sacred Duty as one of Gaia's Chosen. Since gaining Gnosis doesn't come easy, the reliance on others is yet another reason why Garou place such an emphasis on their social structures and culture.

On the other hand, a Garou with high Gnosis perceives the spirit world on their own quite clearly. They feel the deep connection to Gaia at all times and the Sacred Duty they are charged with is as instinctive an urge to them as their Rage and the urge to hunt, kill, destroy and dominate.  They are increasingly spiritually independent, being able to interact with spirits and the Umbra with greater ease and they experience their connection to all things in very tangible ways. This normally comes by way of the perception of balance in the Umbra and in its denizens.

Role Playing Gnosis as Spiritual Instinct

As Gnosis ratings climb, and the Garou's perception of the balance or imbalance in the Umbra becomes more acute, the more poignant its effects are on the Garou. Most everything the Garou experiences, he experiences with a price. The price of a deep connection to the Mother is a more acute sense of the Umbra and spirits. This can be both good and bad and its experience is highly personal to the Garou. Balances provide a sense of fulfillment and inner peace as the Garou is instinctively fulfilling his purpose as Gaia's Chosen Warrior. Imbalances cause great discomfort as the Garou feels the pain of Gaia in those areas through his deep connection to her. Most commonly this imbalance is interpreted as an inherent problem within the Triat. How a Garou feels and expresses this imbalance really depends on the situation: depression, nervousness, claustrophobia, shortness of breath, and even Harano in extreme cases. Most commonly this imbalance is interpreted as an inherent problem within the Triat.

What constitutes an imbalance is dependent on the nature of the individual Garou. For example, a rural Garou may feel increasingly frustrated in a densely populated place like Manhattan and interpret that feeling as an imbalance and call the place a scab because to him it is a calcified place that is suffocating and difficult to move within. To the rural Garou it literally chokes the connection to Gaia and all things spirit. Conversely, a Glass Walker may not perceive an imbalance at all. The Glass Walker feels elated at the raw potential of Manhattan and the creative energy within the borough. He takes comfort in the weaving of that raw potential into something wondrous. To the Glass Walker, the environment is as much an expression of the vibrancy of the Mother as a serene glade is to a rural Garou.

Role Playing Gnosis as Faith

As one can imagine, this completely different experience and expression of Gnosis among the different Garou can lead to many misunderstandings, conflicts, and feuds. We've already covered how Garou are passionate creatures filled with Rage and arrogance in Garou 101 so these conflicts tend to become red hot and ultra-extreme. Each Garou is very fervent about their own view. And just as different expressions of spirituality and religion have led to conflicts and atrocities among human societies, it so too has ravaged the Garou Nation. This is a theme that is made abundantly clear in the core book when detailing Garou legends and history.

Consider the impact of a personal connection to Gaia or lack thereof on a character. Low Gnosis characters, relying on other Garou as a conduit to the Sacred Mother, do not feel her pain as acutely as a character with more Gnosis. Their sense of fulfillment is derived more from recognition of their peers and their renown than this weak connection that is often overpowered by the Beast. They are still trying to make sense of their Sacred Duty, their Rage, and their relationship to the Mother and the nature of the Triat. They are struggling with the development of their spirituality and their faith.

Conversely, a high Gnosis character feels quite clearly the spirit world and the consequences of activity on both sides of the Gauntlet and how they relate to one another. To them, they know the importance of their Sacred Duty because they can feel it in every breath they take. There are benefits to this connection as Garou feel a sense of purpose and completeness as their Gnosis rises and their connection to the Mother deepens. Unfortunately there are always consequences to the connection as it can lead to deep fanaticism, intolerance, arrogance, militancy, and hubris.

No matter the rating, exploration of what Gnosis means to player characters is worthwhile. Matters of faith will weigh on characters. Regardless if a character has low or high Permanent Gnosis, they will struggle with their faith and connection albeit in different ways.

The Importance of Caerns

There are places in which the connection to Gaia is strongest. Places where spiritual essence and the physical intersect the most. These are Caerns. Caerns have a sacred place in Garou society just as any holy site has in human society. They can be a true blessing for Garou who have any Gnosis at all as it makes connecting to the Mother and experiencing that spiritual connection that much easier. For those on the lower end of the Gnosis scale, Caerns are places where they can more easily deal with spirits, find instruction, and to know some peace and fulfillment. Garou with higher ratings of Gnosis, feel a deep connection to the Caern itself and the spirits about it. They are certain of their faith and understand the importance of Caerns as sacred ground. Therefore there is a fanatical motivation to keep such holy places safe by all Garou. This connection and peace that comes from that connection is something that each Garou feels no matter if they are of a rural tribe or an urban one.

Again, it is because of this shared experience that they can become sources of great conflict or great bonding. Garou are creatures who are greatly tormented and so naturally any source of comfort that eases that torment, is placed at a premium. Caerns have been fought over by various tribes, packs and septs in conflicts so heated that they would make the conflict in the Holy Land among Jews, Muslims and Christians pale in comparison - and for Garou that is an apt analogy. Still, there are times where the Garou are perhaps at their best and out of a shared spiritual and communal experience coupled with their intense social instincts, they bond with each other regardless of tribe or breed. The bond is profound and the shared peace is probably one of the key motivators in the Garou subconscious to keep together as a sept and expressed so well in their moots.

It's worth mentioning to our rural players, that for rural Garou stuck in the scab, the urban Caern that their sept watches over is the only place where they might get some respite from the intense and CONSTANT discomfort of the city. It is very much like they are seals and the Caern is their breathing hole in the middle of an arctic ice sheet. Indeed, the rural Garou are often counted among the most ardent protectors of an urban Caern for this very reason.

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Role Playing Using Gnosis

Role playing Gnosis usually involves focus, concentration, or contemplation on the spiritual aspect of your character. It's uses are many and there are other factors that come into play when it is tapped.

  • Using Gifts: Many Gifts bestowed upon faithful Garou require that the character tap into his spiritual reserves and either roll Gnosis or spend it. Unless otherwise noted in the Gift's description, this usually takes some outward manifestation even if it is as simple as a brief moment of focus or a silent prayer to the Mother or a particular spirit.
  • Fetishes: Gnosis is used to attune or activate fetishes. When your character first gains a fetish he needs to connect to the spirit inside the object. Thereafter he will need to wake the spirit to use the fetish. Similarly to Gifts, this should have some sort of outward manifestation even if it is a simple silent plea to the spirit inside to wake.
  • Stepping Sideways: Garou are able to use their Gnosis to step into the realm of living spirits known as the Penumbra. This requires that the Garou focus on a reflective surface like a mirror or a pool of water in most cases.
  • Peeking: Once in the Penumbra, the Garou can use his Gnosis to look back into the material world. Doing so requires intense concentration on the Gauntlet and leaves the Garou unaware of what is going on in the spiritual world so much so that they are vulnerable to attack and will not notice danger until actually taking damage.
  • Totem Interaction: Some totem powers will draw on Gnosis. A good role play option for this is a simple sign of veneration to the totem.

Permanent Gnosis As A Benchmark

The strength of your character's connection to the Mother (Permanent Gnosis Rating) is a measuring stick for a number of mechanics. The stronger it is, often times the more spiritual endurance he has to resist the effects of

  • Item Dedication: Your character's connection to the spiritual world directly correlates to how many items your character can imbue with a spiritual charge and bring into the Penumbra with him or that will shift to his forms. For example, a Garou dedicating an outfit of clothing has clothing that will step sideways with him and stretch and shrink to fit and appear as he wishes it to appear in his many forms.
  • Carrying Silver: For every object made of or containing silver that a character is carrying, he loses one effective point from his Gnosis rating. More potent objects will cause the character to lose more. Luckily, this effect is only temporary, and it lasts only a day after the silver is discarded.

Role Playing Rage vs Gnosis

Rage is a constant source of torment for Garou. It is a pure urge and instinct that goes well beyond normal animal instincts reflected by Primal-Urge ratings. There is no way to rationalize it. For Garou, it is a constant struggle to resist the urge to kill friend and foe alike.

Gnosis is the antithesis of Rage. It is a connection to the Mother and all her creations, from a gentle breeze sifting through a stand of majestic trees, to an architectural treasure like a skyscraper, to a poet's sonnet. For Garou with higher Gnosis, it's the wonder of the Mother manifested in their hearts and a source of comfort as the Garou come to feel instinctively connected to all things spirit and find spirits in all things. It gives meaning to so much death in their lives from their struggle with Rage because at least they can feel a very tangible sense of fulfillment when they strike down the Wyrm and keep it from corrupting the health of the spiritual world to which they are intrinsically connected and care about. Their victories are that much more important to them and more sweet and full of purpose...real purpose. 

This purpose can be sorely tested and twisted, as it can lead to fanaticism and even Harano as the Garou with high Gnosis is feels a deeper connection, his passion for that connection increases. Imagine how committing truly heinous acts under the Thrall of the Wyrm would affect a Garou who is deeply and intrinsically tied to creation.

Those Garou with low Gnosis barely have an inkling as to how that connection feels and are left with no comfort to their Rage. Their urges are base with little meaning to them and they rely on other Garou to comfort them and tell them of the Mother rather than experiencing her themselves. Their victories are still glorious, but they lack that certainty of fulfillment a Garou with higher Gnosis has. They rely on the recognition of their fellows as reward enough and that is why renown is so important. To make sense of their state and to cope with their Rage, a low Gnosis Garou has to rely on Theurges for comfort much like Catholics rely on priests to hear their confessions. They rely on Caerns as a place of comfort as they are the only place where they can experience their connection without difficulty and therefore find purpose in their torment from their Rage.

These sources of comfort and connection and bestial urges are very real to Garou. All Garou have their theories of what Rage and Gnosis are from the lowest Cliath to the most vaulted philosophers, talespinners, tribal shaman, alphas, and elders and they may all be right or wrong, but the experiences they have with their bestial and spiritual halves are very real. They also interact in very tangible ways: 

  • Using Rage and Gnosis: A player cannot use both Rage and Gnosis in the same turn, whether spending points or rolling the Trait. The only exceptions are certain Gifts that demand both to function. These two forces are very powerful, and the Garou’s body is not strong enough to pull the power from these two natures simultaneously. For example, a werewolf cannot spend Rage for multiple actions and activate a fetish in the same turn.
  • Controlling Frenzy: Gnosis gives Garou a strength of purpose and that strength of purpose can be used to give Rage, which is normally a source of torment, a purpose as well. During a Berserk frenzy, if a character's Permanent Gnosis is higher than his Permanent Rage, the character may direct his frenzy and avoid attacking friends and reserve the full wrath of the Beast for his foes. Otherwise he will attack anything that moves, unless he spends a Willpower point to select a target.

Role Playing Gaining Temporary Gnosis

Characters can regain Temporary Gnosis in several ways:

  • Meditation: When a character takes time to center himself and reconnect with the Sacred Mother on a personal level, he can sometimes regain Gnosis. The character must spend at least an hour in one place, focusing on his deeply spiritual side. The player rolls Wits + Enigmas (difficulty 8). For each success, the character regains one Gnosis point, up to a maximum of one point per hour of meditation; additional successes are lost. A Garou can only meditate to regain Gnosis once per day. The difficulty increases by one for each extra day a character attempts it in the same week, to a maximum difficulty of 10. The spirits are gracious, but not always generous. Players may attempt this in a scene or in downtime. In either case, the roll result must be sent to the STs as other downtime rolls. Note that players without the Enigmas Knowledge or Meditation Skill may not attempt such rolls.
  • Sacred Hunt: The Sacred Hunt is one of the most frequently performed activities at Garou moots. The chosen prey — an Engling — is summoned and then hunted down. This activity can be done in either the Umbra or on Earth. After the prey has been caught and “killed,” werewolves who have taken part in the hunt give thanks to the spirit for the gift of its life. All who participate in the hunt replenish their Gnosis pools completely.  Since our moots are done in a play by forum format, the hunt will be performed at times on the forums. Those Garou who have participated in the thread and posted that they have participated in the hunt, will gain Gnosis if the hunt is performed in the thread.
  • Bargaining with Spirits: Once a spirit is summoned or encountered, a werewolf can simply ask a spirit to share some of its Gnosis. The character must be able to speak in the spirit language through the use of a Gift or similar. The spirit may ask the character to perform some task before it shares its life force with the Garou, or it may refuse entirely. Once the bargain is completed, the spirit spends an amount of Essence, and the werewolf gains that many points of Gnosis. These cases are normally part of a story, a scene run by the ST, or downtime. Players shouldn't RP spirits themselves.
  • Between Stories: In the downtime between new tales, the players can make a Charisma + Enigmas roll to regain some Gnosis. Each success on this roll refreshes one point of Gnosis. In WoDG, we give automatic Gnosis per week to reflect some sort of successful attempt to meditate at the Caern or in a place suitable to the Garou's personal preferences in order to establish a connection with the Sacred Mother.

Role Playing Gaining Permanent Gnosis

As we said above Permanent Gnosis is a reflection of your character's connection to the Mother, his spiritual half, and the world of spirits in general. Such understanding and faith does not come easy. A Garou constantly has his beliefs tested and faith takes time to develop and strengthen. It is also not a part time gig. When a player gains permanent Gnosis, there should be a shift in his dealings with not only the spiritual world, but also the physical. This is because as Permanent Gnosis rises, his understanding of his connection to Gaia and therefore all nature and natural phenomena both natural and spiritual also rises. For him the spiritual and the physical are two sides of the same coin. For those with truly high Gnosis, their coin is constantly in mid flip where to them the two sides are nearly the same and have the same importance in his life.

Below is a chart with some RP tips based on Permanent Gnosis ratings:

Gnosis Rating Gnosis Explanation
Nubcake: Gnosis is good for powering Gifts. Oh, and it allows you to get into the Penumbra, though you have barely spent any time there. You are barely spiritually aware beyond your own self. All the urges towards violent and psychopathic behavior due to Rage have little purpose except for when you have a chance to commune with your fellow Garou. That's when you are most reminded of your Sacred Duty, though you understand very little of its importance as you barely feel any connection at all. Sometimes you may be disrespectful in the Caern or at moots out of sheer frustration at the lack of connection to the spirit world. The only time you've seen or dealt with spirits is with the assistance of someone else. On your own, spirits have next to no respect or regard for you at all.
Beginner: Balance begins to mean more than something you do to your checking account. You begin understanding on an instinctual level the importance of healthy interactions between the spiritual and the physical realm. For the first time, you are starting to feel within yourself that there is a purpose to your Curse. You still rely on other Garou and Garou cultural practices to feel the connection you have to the Mother and spirits, but now you are aware that the connection is there and that it's real. You begin to pay more attention at moots and while in the Caern, knowing now that there's something to all this connection hocus-pocus that the Theurges always spout. You see a little glimmer of hope as you begin to have more positive experiences with spirits, with assistance. You may now see the value in learning Rites not for personal gain, but as a tool by which to experience mysticism and ceremony important to the spiritual heritage of the Garou.
Apprentice: You may have dealt with spirits and start recognizing that there is a connection between you and them that is deeper than "Please do what I want you to". You have begun to take your first baby steps into the exploration of the development of your own connection to Gaia without relying on other Garou. Those baby steps taught you that there is much more to learn and has perhaps made you more curious, thirsty for knowledge, mystified you, or terrified  you. Consequently you are beginning to appreciate the importance of making sense of the mysteries of Garou cosmology for yourself. You begin to think on the nature of Gaia, the Triat, the Penumbra, and the relationship of the Garou to spirits and begin to sort it out on a personal level instead of waiting for  a Theurge or another ranking Garou to simply tell you and in so doing, the Sacred Duty begins to become more than just something you do for recognition. That at least gives you some comfort that the Curse and your constant fight with your Beast may not be for nothing.
Journeyman: You begin to care about spirits' well-being beyond your own immediate or personal gain. As much as you are part spirit, so spirits are a very real indicator of health of an area for you. If you possess the appropriate Rite, you find that summoning spirits without disastrous effects comes a little easier. This affords you some amount of spiritual independence from the sept as you begin to feel your connection to the Sacred Mother on your own if you take a moment to focus upon her on your own terms. For Low Rage Garou, their Rage now has meaning as they discover that it is a potent weapon given to them to fulfill their Sacred Duty. The evidence they find is in the proof that their careful cultivation of their connection to the Sacred Mother and study of their spirit aspects, has for the first time allowed them to guide their frenzies and make them strike true at the Wyrm. You understand and derive personal fulfillment from that duty. You feel it inside you when you have served your purpose as Gaia's Chosen. Consequently, learning various Rites becomes important to you if it has not already. Simple Rites like the Rite of Cleansing are in your arsenal.
Accomplished Student: Some spirits begin to actually treat you differently, as they sense their kinship and connection to you. When you summon spirits, most of them tend to be favorably disposed to you or at least neutral. It's rare that a Gaian spirit is hostile to you when it is summoned. You have dealt with spirits enough and feel your connection to the Mother acutely enough to be burdened with her pain on a daily basis. This has led you to develop your own interpretations of what you feel when your Rage ebbs and flows with the moon phases. Though influenced by others throughout your life, you now have developed a very real and personal relationship with Gaia and Garou cosmology. You're no master, but you have your own reasonably mature ideas about the nature of Gaia, the Triat, the Penumbra, and spirits. You've convinced other Garou that your motives are sincere and have learned a couple more complex Rites by now and probably more if your character is a Theurge.
Graduate: Reliance upon other Garou for your connection to the Mother has dissipated and you are able to find her in surprising places and things. You begin seeing and feeling the Mother not just through contact with the Penumbra and spirits, but through potential. A moving song, the birth of a newborn, a new movement, a work of art - creation in nearly all forms become a direct source of spiritual nourishment for you. Garou at this level of Gnosis are able to derive enough strength in their connection to the Mother, that they are able to direct their Rage with little effort so long as their Permanent Rage is within normal levels of all Auspices (5 or lower). Armed with this knowledge, the Garou understand in their hearts that their murderous urges are horrific, but they have purpose in their Sacred War against their foes and there is no better proof than the deep fulfillment you feel when tasting victory over the Wyrm whether the form of the battle is on a physical battle front or an ideological one. This is comforting news, but plants the seeds of fanaticism to those that feel the Sacred Mother deeply especially when they taste defeat and feel the true cost of it on a spiritual level. You are able to speak on this topic as well as other spiritual matters with conviction and a bit of skill. Your ideas about the nature of Gaia, the Triat, the Penumbra, and spirits has developed into something quite respectable and other Garou now come to you regularly to learn more about their own spiritual connection.
Master: In some respects, the Gauntlet has become thinner to you. You are able to intuitively see the Penumbra of an area just by focusing for a few moments. You are fervent in the belief in what you see and feel. You've been at it long enough to have developed a strong and compelling interpretation of Garou cosmology. Your connection to the Sacred Mother is deep and profound. This connection has instilled a real sense of urgency in you with respects to your Sacred Duty. There is nearly nothing that you are more passionate about which can be dangerous. The pursuit of it gives you such fulfillment that it almost addictive as that is one of the only times where you feel truly complete. Every victory is sweet and each defeat brings you to despair as you feel and witness the Mother being consumed by her foes. For some this despair can be so deep that it leads to the hopelessness of Harano. There are few other Garou from whom you can learn. You are now sought out as a teacher and you have several regular students as your sept relies on you to look after the spiritual well-being of other Garou and guide them to find their connection to the Sacred Mother.
Grand Master: As the Mother is universal, all things return to her. If a living being you touch is within a week of its intended, natural passing, you can sense it. Not only has the Gauntlet become thinner to you, but now you can intuitively feel the impact of the spiritual world on the living world. This spurs your thirst for battle whether it be by tooth and claw, in the boardrooms and courts, or among other Garou scholars, sages, intellectuals, talesingers, artists and intellectuals with whom you disagree or are politically opposed. You can be extremely intolerant, realizing the connection so deeply that every blight upon the Mother chokes your spirit and drives you to your Sacred Duty with great zeal. There are few Garou who understand the Sacred Mother as well as you do, or so you think. Your intuition is your guide and you know from deep in your bones that your Sacred Duty is of paramount importance. Your view of Gaia, the Triat, the Penumbra, and the spirits is deeply insightful and others clamor to gain a little wisdom from you. You are prone to allow your passions for the Mother to get the better of you and have been intolerant and fanatical in your pursuits.
Legend: The Mother is in the rain. In the wind. She is in the pulse of the city. To others, this adage rings true in a general sense, but to you it's literal. You can feel her breaths in the wind. Your skin can taste her unconditional, life-giving sense of creation in a single rain drop. You can feel her energy in the flow of humanity within the arteries of a city's infrastructure. Everything is connected and part of her and part of you. If you focus for a few minutes, you not only can intuitively see the Penumbra around you, but you can intuitively feel its interaction and connection to the living world. In fact, both worlds seem as one to you as the barrier of the Gauntlet is no barrier to you. Spirits treat you with a great deal of respect so long as your name among them hasn't been sullied by misdeeds upon them. Your connection to Gaia is so deep that you are comforted by her and accepting of your Beast because of it. You can be extremely intolerant or very tolerant of other views and practices depending on your tribe, but whatever the case, you are driven by your duty to the Sacred Mother with great fanaticism. Only by healing the blights upon the Mother will the world know peace and you are willing to do nearly anything to get there as the alternative is defeat and just the thought of it is unbearable and risks Harano. Only the wisest of elders reach this level of understanding. They are truly mysterious leaders and shaman among the Garou. They make up the greatest of fetish designers, loremasters, ritesmasters, thinkers, and shaman. Their wisdom is sought throughout the Nation. Other Garou from outside the sept visit it just in the hopes of getting a little time with them and gaining a sliver of insight or advice.
Transcendent: You recognize spiritual potential and promise in even the smallest things. You can sense the Mother's presence in the humblest, sincere lullaby just as vividly as you can see it in a single flower breaking through concrete or a group of buskers in an open jam session in a city square. All connections to the Sacred Mother are intuitive to you. No longer do you need to focus to gain insight into spiritual matters. They are second nature. The Gauntlet is paper thin and you can find yourself interacting with both sides at once with the greatest of ease. While you have great zeal for your Sacred Duty, your understanding of the connection to the Mother and all things, mellows out the fanaticism and brings your character to a more resplendent and even graceful state. Still you find true and deep fulfillment in your victories and defeats are so unbearable that the cost is nearly your sanity at any time making you prone to Harano. Only the wisest of Garou elders and legends reach this level of understanding. They are truly mysterious legends famous all across the Garou Nation. They make up legendary fetish designers, loremasters, ritesmasters, thinkers, and shaman. Their wisdom is sought throughout the Nation by even renowned elders. Other Garou elders from outside the sept visit it just in the hopes of getting a little time with them and gaining a sliver of insight or advice.

Methods for Gaining Permanent Gnosis

Some ways that a character could justify such an increase include studying under a mentor, seeking out a vision from a spirit, and going on a quest in the Umbra.

In WoDG, running individual scenes for each level of Gnosis a character may gain is unrealistic. The ST's time is stretched thin as it is just maintaining the venue and juggling their many other on and offline obligations. To offset demands on ST time, we will offer the following ways to gain Permanent Gnosis: 

  • Studying under a Theurge. A few scenes with PC Theurges can work for increasing Gnosis. Just give the time and date of the session so we can look it up in the logs.
  • Studying under a mentor. NPC mentors can be used to gain Gnosis, but the requirements will be steeper than having in game scenes. You will be required to make a journal entry detailing your character's focus on his spiritual half. We will also have to see evidence and concern for this focus in your RP in general. This means that it has to be an established trend, rather than your character one day waking up and saying, "Gee. More Gnosis would be awesome!" where before you paid little attention to spiritual matters in your RP.
  • Visions and Quests. Now and again a ST may elect to do a scene for the purposes of gaining Permanent Gnosis to make sure that players get the vibe of Garou spirituality through RP. We will try to do this at least once for each player character, time permitting.

Players who conveniently go back to role playing their Garou with little regard for their spiritual half after gaining a Permanent Gnosis, will have it removed by STs and the Experience points will be returned to the sheet.

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