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This article is for players looking to make Ghoul player characters and their Domitors.


Ghouls and Everything Ghoulish

When a mortal is exposed to the Kindred Blood and ingests it into their system, they become a Ghoul. They don’t necessarily need to drink the Blood. So long as the Vitae enters their bloodstream, they are “infected” with it.

The Blood is highly addictive. It makes heroin addiction look like a suburban yuppie’s hangover after a couple of beers at Monday Night Football. One drink or exposure event is enough to Ghoul a mortal and leave them with a craving for more. Continued exposure results in a Blood Bond and the addiction is in full swing. There’s a reason why they call the book about Ghouls - Ghouls: the Fatal Addiction. Please see Blood Bond for more information.

This Blood Bond creates a condition of servitude for the player of the Ghoul. That’s not something everyone wants to RP. No matter how kind or understanding or lenient or liberal a Kindred is, the Ghoul is always ENSLAVED by the Blood Bond.

Enslavement may take different forms depending on the Kindred whose Blood was used to enslave the mortal. This “master” is known as the Domitor. The Domitor’s whims and personality will dictate the nature of the relationship with his “slave”, servitor, or Vassal.

However, no matter the situation there are things that both Domitors and Vassals should know before on embarking on this type of personal storyline.

For the Vassal: So You Want To Be A Ghoul?

Being ghouled IC and playing through the whole process is fun and a challenge. It also takes an extended commitment. Mortals created with the intention of being turned into Ghouls will be created as Ghouls from the start. They will not be able to access their Disciplines or use Blood Points until after the ghouling has taken place. You may not create a Mortal and then move it into the Vampire venue until it has been played as a mortal for at least six months real time in that venue. If you want to play a Ghoul and create it within the Vampire venue you avoid the wait.

Understand that by playing a Ghoul you are playing a servant and will be treated as such if not by your character’s Domitor, then by the rest of Kindred society. This means that you should not expect your character to attend Kindred events or to be treated as an equal - ever. You will have to accept as the player of a Ghoul that you will be left out of scenes and stories that are simply not privy to Ghouls.

You also have to understand that as a Ghoul, your character is intimately tied to the Domitor. As players you have made a commitment to one another to play this storyline. The player of the Kindred only has 2 slots to give to PC Ghouls. You are taking up one of them. That means that you need to keep your Domitor’s player in the loop. If you’re going to be absent from the chat for a while be respectful and send a quick notification to your ST and to your Domitor. Try and work out together the reasons for the IC absence if possible. Failure to do so will result in the ST having to follow Inactivity Policy.

For the Domitor: So You Want a PC Ghoul?

Ghouling Other Supernaturals

No. Just no. If in the off chance a Garou or mage is given Kindred vitae it will not Ghoul them. They can be Blood Bound but they will gain no benefit of the blood. As they do not have Self-Control, they may break the Kiss with a Willpower roll Difficulty 8 or they can spend a Willpower point to break it automatically. Further, as Garou are finely attuned to the spirits and such attempting to ghoul one will likely show up in Sense Wyrm or simply by conferring with spirits. Mages can detect the blood with simple Sphere level 1 scans with Prime or Matter or Life or Entropy - hell there are just a number of ways that they can detect the blood in their systems. From there, they can exact revenge or take steps to correct the problem.

Domitors also have to consider their responsibilities both IC and OOC to this new storyline that they are embarking upon. Assume that Kindred society in WoDG will expect your character to abide by custom. Don’t try to be the one Kindred campaigning for “Ghoul Equal Rights” or something stupid like that. Failure to act the part will have consequences IC. You are responsible for making sure that both your character and the Vassal act in accordance to Tradition and custom. How the Ghoul behaves is a reflection on the Domitor and a poorly trained pet will result in loss of Camarilla Status and Clan Status among other less pleasant things.

Furthermore, remember that you only have 2 PC slots to fill out of your 5 total Retainer dots. So make sure that you have a partner in this storyline that you can count on and that you like collaborating with. It’s on you to use good judgment in this area.

Because the player of the Ghoul is completely dependent on you to RP your character in order to effectively RP out the Bond and what the Ghoul knows or doesn’t know about being a Ghoul, you have responsibilities to them. You need to be present and able to function as a Domitor. If you’re going to be absent you should also be able to send a quick notification to your ST and to your Vassal. Work the IC reasons for the absence in together if possible. Failure to do so will result in the ST having to follow Inactivity Policy.

You’re Ready to Create Your Ghoul

Now that you’ve read through our outline of expectations and policies regarding Ghouls, you can get on with making one.

Please see Character Creation Rules for Ghouls in WoDG for more information.

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