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World of Darkness: Gotham has extensive forums attached to it. However, all forums break down into two types: In Character Forums (IC Forums) and Out of Character Forums (OOC Forums).


OOC Forums

OOC Forums are used to handle the day to day communications that are necessary to keep the chat going and the community connected. There are forums for different types of discussions and usage is fairly intuitive.

Types of OOC Forums you'll find include:

  • Announcements
  • General Discussions
  • Tips
  • Off Topic
  • Suggestions
  • Venue Specific OOC Forums

Private OOC Forums

We have some private OOC Forums which allow an OP (original poster) and the staff to communicate and collaborate. These forums are private to that OP and the staff and no one else. There are two forums that fall into this narrow category:

  • Poke A ST - This forum is used for members of the community to speak privately with the team. Here players can ask questions, run by their story ideas, air their concerns, etc without other members of the community reading their posts. It functions essentially as a staff wide Forum Private Message Box that never needs to be pruned. It differs from a contact ticket insofar as that it allows players who do not yet have a means to do so within the dossier and it is viewable by the entire team.
  • Mage Character Concept Proposals- This forum is for players who are invited to play Mage: The Ascension in World of Darkness: Gotham, to submit their character idea and begin collaborating with the staff. Mage is now a venue that is on an invitation basis only.

OOC Forums Usage and Rules

We keep rules simple and relatively streamlined. The staff doesn't have the patience or the inclination to break down rules into the minutia in order to account for every possible variable. So the short of it is, the Forums follow the same codes and standards of conduct as the chat and the rest of the community laid out in our Chronicle Policies.

One item that I will highlight because we take it so seriously: Do not mix IC facts in the OOC. IC information has no place in our OOC Forums. World of Darkness: Gotham has a long standing policy of keeping OOC and IC knowledge separate. We insist that players keep their IC information out of the OOC and vice versa. We go to great lengths to beat it over every community member's head that we want IC information separate and that IC secrets should remain secret. We do recognize that eventually players learn tidbits of information IC, but that's part of the fun. "Spoilers" have no place in WoDG.

Finally, we've had incoming members to the community right off the bat behave in an exceedingly unproductive manner. Usually OOC forums are the first contact new players will have with the staff and if first impressions are bad, players will be banned from the community before they even get started. We tend to take a nip it in the bud approach and if a player is giving us headaches before they even get started in the game, we'll take it as a sign that we're not a right fit and remove them right away and without any recourse. All of us on staff are far too busy, old, and cranky for the usual internet shenanigans.

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IC Forums

IC Forums are used for play by forum roleplay (PbF RP).

Staff may use it for complex or large scenes which require venue wide attendance because it's impractical to coordinate a good time for a large number of people spread across multiple time zones. Sometimes particular bits of information need to be shared among members of a group and the IC Forums can become the most efficient way of sharing that information.

All IC Forums have permission masks associated with them so that only those players with the proper character type or ability will see those forums. For example, only Garou will see the Garou forum, only a Gangrel will see the Gangrel Forums, or if someone has hacked into elements of the banking industry, they may gain access to the Finance Forum.

Both players and Staff members are encouraged to make use of these forums.

Types of IC Forums include: 

  • Venue Specific Forums
  • Clan, Tribe, or Tradition Specific Forums
  • Trends Forums
  • Status Forums
  • Cabal, Coterie, or Pack Forums

IC Forums Usage and Rules

IC Forums are used for scenes and IC communication that isn't otherwise easily conducted on the chat.

Large scenes, email communication, social networking, etc. among characters in an IC method is most easily handled within the forums.

For example, if your Kinfolk wants to communicate with other Kinfolk or tap Kinfolk support networks, you'll post your IC post in the Kinfolk IC Forums.

Before posting anything IC, please be aware of our community standards with respect to meta-gaming.

Anything put in the IC forums is legit for any other character to take IC. That is the OP has no expectation of STs sanctioning other players for meta-gaming if they post something in the IC forums that they didn't want taken IC.

The reason for this is that everyone who ought to have access does, so they should be able to use that information ICly.

The view of the team is that the IC forums are for items you want to share with other members who have access to that forum and to engage in play by forum RP if you wish to do so. It's collaborative with other players, hence the reason for the standard allowing all info posted here to be taken IC.

Scenes that are for the personal development of your character that you don't want to be taken IC by others and/or do not involve other players or invite them to collaborate with you belong in your Journal.

Forum Private Messages

We do have a private message feature associated with the Forums.

These forums are used for private communication among community members. Players are free to use it to contact their friends and coordinate times to RP, chit chat, handling notes and other personal IC correspondence between characters, etc.

It's not to be used for general RP.

They are also not appropriate for ST questions. Please use Poke A ST instead.

The reason for this ruling is that Forum private messages take up a lot of space on the database and so the forum software will fill up inboxes and request the users delete older messages to make room for new ones. So it's not able to record keep as well as other methods.

Be aware that IC private messages follow the same standards for meta-gaming as the IC Forums.

OOC private messages follow the same community standards we have for behavior as other methods of communication found in our community. If you're found harassing people via private messages, you will be banned.

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