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In this article players can find the rates at which their fluctuating Traits rebuild. If you want to know how quickly you'll gain back Quintessence, Gnosis, Willpower, Blood Points, and Rage you've come to the right place.

Keeping Track of Fluctuating Traits

In the dice roller part of the chat program you’ll notice that there are some check boxes for spending Quintessence, Gnosis, Willpower, Blood Points, and Rage. When you are spending one or more of those points, fill the boxes out appropriately. Then they will be marked on your sheet as used.
We have a nifty and powerful database in WoDG that handles the automated distribution of points in fluctuating Traits and renews those pools so you won’t have to worry about regaining them. That will happen automatically. In some cases, STs may reward extra points back up to your Trait maximum.

Below is a list of methods and rates for your character to regain spent Traits.

Trait Rate of Rebuilding Rate of Loss
Willpower 1 per week. At the rate of expenditure.
Blood Points 3 per week +1 per level of Herd. Players may gain more if they hunt IC or in downtime. At rate of expenditure and one per night (counted on first login).
Gnosis 2 per week for Urban Tribes. 1 per week for non-Urbans. At the rate of expenditure.
Rage Gain X amount of Rage per day according to lunar phase which is approximated in the database (Not to exceed perm Rage). At the beginning of each month, every Garou gains 1d10 Rage to approximate the beginning of a story. This can exceed perm Rage.
At the rate of expenditure.
Quintessence Mages must be affiliated with the Chantry and in good standing (Mage Status 1 or higher). Gain a number of Quintessence per week equal to Mage Status in the form of Tass. At the rate of expenditure.
Paradox Botching any magickal effect gains at least 1 Paradox, for further complications see Paradox. Gaining Paradox is handled manually. Only lost with a Storyteller approved Paradox flaw or in the event of a Paradox Backlash. Rates vary.

Appropriate Uses of Willpower 

Willpower is the means by which the denizens of the World of Darkness can pretty much assure a measure of success.

It is the force of sheer, rugged determination - that extra "oomph - I'm trying REALLY hard" in those moments where it counts.

But that's all it is / can be - "I'm trying really hard". It enhances something that a character knows how to do with that extra gusto. Whether it's desperation (and finishing off Gary Garou before he plays knots and crosses with your chest), determination and patience (and you spending a lot of time and attention) and so on.

There are a few cases where willpower use doesn't really stand to reason. Matters of taste for instance.

Any roll where perseverance isn't relevant, or grit/determination don't help, is likely to NOT be permitted to have WP used.

Bear in mind that willpower is not a resource that should be readily squandered - use it when it matters. It's not easily regained - in many ways, it's the most valuable resource in WoD across all venues.

As with all rules, "common sense" applies - no ST accepts all "rules as written" and goes with "rules as intended" by their interpretation (hence house rules) ... thus this clarifying point in regards to willpower usage.

This is a gentle reminder that in some cases, we may well end up having to intervene and say "no, spending Willpower does not make sense / is not permissible in this situation".

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