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Job Market Overview

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Since New York City is a global economic force, it finds itself a hub for many industries. Some of the most prominent traditional industries associated with New York are: financial, insurance, health care, tourism, fashion, publishing, advertising and marketing, broadcasting, theatre, music, and real estate. Creative and high tech industries are quickly gaining a foothold in the city and boast high employment numbers in the following sectors: architecture, new media, design, gaming, software development, IT services, and business services. Education and government positions also account for a significant portion of the employment opportunities.

Further, the city has a strong tradition of manufacturing and shipping operations as well as a good number of retail services. Although manufacturing is in decline it still accounts for a significant portion of the employment base especially in food production operations.

Job Growth

At present, unemployment in New York City is below the national average. Many accredit this to the aggressive stance the city has taken towards encouraging business and job growth. There are a number of initiatives available to businesses and prospective business owners in order to take advantage of the economic conditions. Among these measures are a number of tax incentives, assistance with procuring office and retail space, energy rebates, capital grants and assistance, job training, and redevelopment projects.

Green Jobs

Green jobs are quickly sprouting up everywhere in the city. Driven by market conditions nationally and internationally as well as by the interest of New Yorkers in improving the quality of life in the city, going green has been embraced by the city’s citizens and its government. Currently there is a strong demand for anyone with any experience in green technology in a number of industries, fields, and disciplines. Talented individuals seeking employment in green industries are at an advantage at the negotiating table which is almost unheard of in other job sectors. There are also a number of job training programs and new educational tracks at the various educational institutions throughout the city to try and meet this demand.


The beauty of working and living in New York City is the fact that to be in New York is to be at the center of the world. With so many Fortune 500 companies present and such a strong and dominating presence in so many industries, New York is in the position to drive global trends.

For this reason people from all over the world, jump at the opportunity to live and work in the city. It’s the chance to be a part of something that will resonate globally and to participate in that excitement and energy that drives people to the city like moths to a flame.

So naturally applicants are in fierce competition for that flame and to have the chance to make their mark and be noticed. Players should note that working in New York is like running the rat race on steroids. The stress levels are extremely high and everyone is trying to climb the ladder. It can be a cut throat place to live and work, but it can also be the most rewarding if you’re the guy who has managed to muscle his way up the ladder and knock everyone else off it.

Therefore, if you’re in a popular industry such as entertainment, expect your character’s starting salaries to be at the low end. After all, there’s a lot more people looking to be the next hot computer game designer, than the next kick ass accountant. However, once the character has proven himself in his chosen field, promotions are fairly steady if one has the nerve to continue making his mark and playing the game. But remember not to get too cocky, for every established professional, there’s plenty of young prospects just itching to get a shot at the title.

Labor Unions

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Labor unions have a stronger presence in the Northeast and they certainly have a long history with the city. The stronger and more effective unions are able to offer blue collar workers a livable wage as well as aggressive retirement packages and robust benefits. Some industries such as shipping have a more prominent union than others.

Major national and international unions have a presence in New York and there are a number of important state and local unions in operation around the city. Most trades have a union representing them.

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