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So What Edition Is This Chronicle Anyway? 

Mechanically? WoDG is a Classic World of Darkness 20th Anniversary Chronicle in the sense that the majority of the systems are using 20th Anniversary edition rules unless otherwise noted in the House Rules category of this wiki.

Some modifications may borrow from earlier editions or be entirely of our own making. This is especially the case where 20th Anniversary edition texts haven't been published yet. For example, many M20 texts have yet to be printed as of January 2017.

We introduce modifications for a number of reasons, but the main ones are to simplify crossover encounters, resolve inconsistencies or ambiguous rules in the books, facilitate crossovers, and to bring the setting to life in a manner in which is consistent with the vision of the creator of the WoDG Chronicle.

What About The Cosmology of WoDG?

The Classic World of Darkness line inconsistent with its cosmology across its various games. As we focus on the first three original venues here and because spiritual and cosmological matters have never been a focus of Vampire: the Masquerade, we stick with the cosmology that is found in Werewolf: the Apocalypse and Mage: the Ascension. We use it for our framework, but we leave the exact nature of the Umbra, spirits, and the nature of cosmological forces a mystery for players to explore with their player characters.

As for God, Caine, Lilith, and all those vampire myths players like to drag into the game... it really shouldn't be a focus as all player characters are neonates and they do not know of such things ICly. Sorting fact from fiction and placing it within the context of the game world's cosmology is a mystery to be unraveled through game play.

Stories and adventures are focused on individual characters and their adventures rather than on events on the apocalyptic scale.

What About The Metaplot?

WoDG doesn’t adhere with White Wolf’s metaplots.

At most we use general background history and concepts as a foundation for our original creation.

This means that the closer the events come to the end of the game line, the less likely they are going to have an impact on WoDG. Events are well in the past and that shaped and laid foundations for the World of Darkness as a whole, usually can be counted as part of WoDG canon. So as an example you could count on the Anarch Revolt happening as it did in canon, but the recent wars in Chicago as per Chicago by Night did not happen.

NPCs are all our own making. Dropping the name of some Prince in out in the Pacific Northwest is not going to be helpful to you.

Also, the Northeast and New York isn’t as it was written at all. There are a few reasons for this, but the main one is that we really don’t need players opening up a “by Night” book or any other cWoD source book and finding out exactly what we have in store for the game.

It’s got to be said that all of revised edition’s metaplot developments are gone. The Time of Thin Blood, the Avatar Storm, the disappearance of True Magick and the acceptance of hedge magic as an equal form of magic, etc. aren't found in WoDG.

Also, lame ass NPCs like Sam Haight are not part of WoDG. All NPCs are our own original creations.

Roleplaying Tips for Players Tip Toeing Around Metaplot

We understand that there will always be questions about the metaplot and things like Hermetic Houses changing from edition to edition. What about the Stargazers? What about the War in Chicago? Are the Gangrel down with the Camarilla or are they gone? Etc. So what is our advice for all concerned?

Understand that WoDG cherry picks from canon and focuses on the main themes rather than obscure details. Like any other chronicle out there, the team has its own interpretations of the setting as you can plainly tell by each venue's categories in the wiki. We make our own backstories and metaplots.

So our advice is to use broad strokes of a brush when dealing with the metaplot from canon. Be a little flexible and leave a lot of room. Use general concepts and themes from cWoD and steer away from namedropping specific events, characters, places, etc. If you do that, you should be fine. The player characters in WoDG are not starting with crazy Lores, so you shouldn't be doing a bunch of namedropping IC anyhow.

Be flexible and respect that we have our own setting with events for everyone to explore and new names to uncover.

If you're ever stuck or unsure as to what to do, just toss a contact ticket our way or the STs a poke.

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