Dyckman Houses

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Dyckman Houses
Section: Uptown Manhattan
Neighborhood: Inwood
Address: Dyckman St., W 204th, Nagle Ave., and 10th Ave.
Owner/Operator: New York City Housing Authority
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A public housing project on a 14 acre parcel of blighted land in Inwood where the thunderous roar of the elevated train is a welcome respite from the constant noise issued by the beleaguered residents. The focal point of the complex is what some might loosely call a park which is just cracked asphalt and patches of mud amid scraps of trampled grass, a rusting jungle gym and a drab set of basketball courts surrounded by complex buildings to form a drab courtyard. The complex also consists of 7 14-story wretched brick towers with their interiors littered with graffiti, needles, and waste. The smell of urine hangs thick in the air while shouts and the ceaseless cries of children echo in the halls and stairs. If one is lucky, the elevator might be working.

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