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Albion/Batcave @ Downtime

Section: Midtown

Neighborhood: Garment District

Address: 251 W 30th; W30 and 8th

Event Information: Thursdays and Saturdays, 10 pm - 4 am
$12 with pass/ $20 without free entry w/flyer before 11 pm

Albion/Batcave is the premiere Gothic Industrial dance event of NYC, and by far the largest on the East Coast. Combining the best of the legendary Albion and Batcave events, it has become a magnet for the young, strange and beautiful from all of Gotham. The crowd lines up around the block before opening, and the dance floor remains packed with people gyrating to the pounding beat until 4:15AM.

In the main room Isis Metro spins a blend of popular Gothic, Industrial, Punk, Darkwave, and more. The music tends to run along alternating genres which last about twenty minutes each. In the back room, Squee spins Electro-ambient favorites. On the mezzanine and ground floor are DJ Spider and Rozz Micheals who tend to stick to the more industrial/hardcore music.

Downtime is one of the largest venues associated with the Gothic-Industrial scenes in New York. It is three stories tall, and is divided into two or more medium sized events. On the ground floor is the main bar, run by the Asian goddess Xia, and a raised DJ cage slightly to the left of the main stage. The two floors above it have their own DJ stations, bars, and dance floors. The top floor has a small lounge area with plush red velvet couches.

Promoters for other events have come and gone, leaving opportunies open for saavy entertainment entrepreneurs looking to get involved in the New York City Nightlife scene. The challenge for promoters is to fill a club that is so large. Typically it is rented out for large scale events like New Year's Eve Gothic Balls, Halloween Bashes, and private parties.

Note to Players: All Perception related rolls are at + 2 difficulty in Downtime. Use of Heightened Senses or any similar power in this setting may stun the Player Character for 2d10 minutes real time. ID is required and the club is 21 and over. Minors are at a +2 difficulty on social rolls involving sneaking in or passing fake ID off.

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