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The Cloisters
Section: Uptown Manhattan
Neighborhood: Hudson Heights
Address: 99 Margaret Corbin Dr. in Fort Tryon Park
Owner/Operator: The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Local Map
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Nestled within the solace of Fort Tryon Park, in the little enclave of Hudson Heights, is a slice of Medieval Europe in modern New York operated by the Metropolitan Museum of Art known as the Cloisters. The facility is a reconstruction of the great European monastic houses, incorporating elements from five different medieval structures in France. Carefully sculpted gardens, that were researched and replicated according to surviving medieval texts, surround the main building and decorate the courtyard of the only redeeming feature to the neighborhood which it occupies, offering a strange serenity to the visitor who was undaunted enough by the area in order to find and enjoy this forgotten New York treasure. Inside, chapels and galleries with vaulted ceilings and Gothic archways decorate the interior along with fine stained glass work and sculptures and reliefs of saints, gargoyles and grotesques.

Appropriately the Cloisters are home to the Metropolitan's medieval collections and inside the halls of vaulted ceilings and Gothic archways, tapestries, paintings, engravings, illuminated manuscripts, architectural sculpture, arms, metal works, and stained glass are on display dating from 800 A.D.

Hours of operation of at the Cloisters are Tuesday to Sunday 9:30am - 5:30 pm.

As this is such an expansive cultural site, there is no way a brief description can do it justice. For more information on exhibits, events and RP inspiration please see the official website: The Cloisters A virtual walking tour of most of the grounds is provided by Google Street View below.

Cloisters exterior.jpg

Cloisters interior.jpg

Take a walking tour of the Cloisters. Click on the screen icon at the upper right hand side of the image for full screen.


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