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Cheesing out is a chat killer like Meta-gaming. It adversely affects storylines by dampening RP and interactions with other characters.

Most players do not go around actively seeking to cheese. However, those that do cheese out usually do it unintentionally or don’t even realize that they are doing it. What do we mean when we say “cheese”?

Well it’s in essence not taking into consideration when you RP ALL conditions in the setting that affects your character - whitewashing or watering down the events that influence your character. This includes everything from conditions created by other player characters to core concepts as outlined in the actual WoD books.

Some examples of cheesy play are as follows:

  1. Being a bad sport by picking and choosing just what affect another character has on your character. Like not reacting to an embarrassing stunt because it makes your character look “uncool”.
  2. Being a bad sport by not acknowledging or by trivializing or downplaying what affect another character has on your character. Like downplaying the reaction to being under the influence of another character through means of a supernatural or mundane power.
  3. Referring to mechanical rules of the World of Darkness as if they were to be taken IC. Like saying IC “Oh I just spent a blood point and healed. I’m fine.”
  4. Not paying attention to ambiance and not reacting IC in a way that is consistent with your character concept as it’s developed to events or other characters within the chronicle setting.
  5. Reacting to IC events in an OOC manner or letting your OOC motivations dictate your character's reactions to IC events.
  6. Using thought RP consistently. Meaning consistently emoting your character’s thoughts in game instead of just describing the expressions on their faces well. If you consistently use thought RP, expect STs to allow players to take your thoughts and use them IC as if the thoughts are readily apparent on your character’s face as if your character sucked at playing poker.
  7. Teleporting your character to different places in a setting without giving other players and STs a chance to respond with their own posts.
  8. RPing in a way that is inconsistent with your character concept, nature, demeanor, essence, auspice, etc.
  9. Not respecting the chronicle’s mood and theme.
  10. RPing a Trait that your character doesn't have or has at a different level than you're purporting. For example, RPing your character in a scene discussing advanced concepts in computer science with little or no Science or Computers on your character sheet.
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