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The main and format for RP is the chat WoDG Chat client. We’ll briefly go over the types of chat sessions players will be faced with and how to use the WoDG Chat Client.


Chat Format

For those of you completely new to RPing in chat rooms, the format is very simple. Like writing in a book, you narrate your character's actions and interactions with the setting and other characters and you separate their dialogue like so:

Vincent walks into the night club and looks around. He spots a cocktail waitress and flags her down giving his order to her, "Vodka tonic on the rocks."

Alternatively you can use this format or something similar:

*Vincent walks into the night club and looks around. He spots a cocktail waitress and flags her down giving his order to her* Vodka tonic on the rocks.

At the end of the day the format is flexible and you can pick characters you like best to distinguish your character's spoken word from his actions.

Everything in the chat is IC unless you place a marker around your type to indicate that it's you speaking and not your character like so:

(Hey guys...g2g dinner is ready. ttyl.)

This is known as OOC. OOC typing is used when communicating for the purposes of clarifying something in a scene or for quick notifications as above. It should be used sparingly in chat so as to not disrupt the RP unnecessarily. The only room that we have that is completely OOC is the lobby which is the default room you enter when you log in to the chat.

Chat Faux Pas

There are a few social faux pas to avoid:

  1. Logging in more than one character to the chat is against the rules. Don't do it. You can log in your OOC skin and hang in the WoDG Lobby while logged in on a character so long as it doesn't disrupt your RP.
  2. Don't write for your character or address other characters in the first person. It freaks most people out and makes them think that you can't distinguish between your character and reality. Use third person instead.
  3. Don't break the tempo of the chat by talking OOC a lot in the chat room. You can use pms to talk to people out of character without disrupting the chat room.
  4. No lurking in IC rooms without having an IC power that allows you to do so.
  5. Don't take up the entire chat. Generally give people a chance to answer what you've written by taking turns posting one after the other.
  6. Don't take forever to post and make sure to pay attention to the chat. It's annoying if you're multi-tasking and people have to wait forever for you to answer them. Expect them to skip your turn and continue on.
  7. Announce your AFKs and other extended absences. One of the few genuine reasons to start speaking OOC is to let people know you have an interruption on your end so that they can continue RPing around it. We even have an AFK indicator in the chat to further clarify when you are away.
  8. Enter and exit your characters from the scene properly. If you have to go, do try and type that your character leaves. We understand that emergencies do crop up, but otherwise not exiting is bad form.
  9. Be courteous to new RPers to a scene by giving them a summary of the scene set up and current conditions so that when their characters enter, they can do so keeping the current conditions of the setting in mind. If you're entering the scene and someone hasn't given you a summary already, ask for one in pms.

Private Messages

NEVER play scenes in PMs or in instant messaging services off the WoDG chat. If it's not in our logs, it didn't happen.

PMs are for:

  • Telepathic communication
  • Texts (must play out stopping what your character is doing to receive the text unless your character has a super power or hyper device that allows him to view a UI handsfree)
  • Phone calls (must play out your end of the conversation in your chat room if you are in one at the time)
  • Emails
  • Comlinks
  • Notes
  • Relaying private IC roll results and the like to other players
  • OOC chitter chatter

Creating Chat Rooms

Players are encouraged to create their own public or private chat rooms as needed. However, private chat rooms may not be passworded unless the setting for the room is secured like a private residence. In such cases a password might be created, but should another character have an IC method of entry, they must be given the password to the room.

We have an advantage as the setting for World of Darkness: Gotham is in one of the most heavily mapped, documented, and photographed cities on the planet. There's no shortage of research material available on New York City. So we do advocate that players use that fact to their advantage when creating chat rooms. It's best to do a little leg work - especially since it's so easy due to the wealth of material online. We have started by providing interactive maps to you and therefore it's suggested that you use the interactive NYC map to browse around the area to find location names. Using Google Maps with Street Views is also an excellent way of finding settings that appeal to your RP needs which are also more authentic, realistic, and compelling. The added bonus is that you can easily share map and street view links with your fellow players quickly so everyone in the RP session is on the same page as to what your setting looks and feels like with minimal hassle to you and to your fellows. Google Maps with Street Views is conveniently linked to you in the chat client. All you have to do is right click yourself or any other user in the chat list and you will see a link in the right-click menu there marked Google Maps NYC. This will open up a Google Map already centered on the NY Metropolitan area which you can browse and zoom into Street View to find the ideal RP location for your scenes.

Permanent Chat Rooms

When players find themselves using a setting rather consistently, they may wish to have the chat room added to the permanent room list. That's no problem. We only ask that in return, players provide a Player Page in the Players' Portal which details the setting with a description, map, and street view. Once that's done, notify your ST with the link and the particulars and the team will review the setting to make sure that it's appropriate. If everything seems in order, then the room will be added.

Note: These chat rooms can be settings in which you just like to RP. Player made settings do not have to be "owned" by any character(s).

Time of Day

The default time of day in any chat room is real time New York local time. That's the Eastern Time Zone (EST) in the United States or UTC/GMT -5.

Because WoDG community members come from all over the world, we understand that strictly following the default is not practical for many. This is especially troublesome for vampire players who may only be able to play during the New York day. So to indicate that your chat's time is not the default, please designate it either day or night at the end of the chat room name like so:

(Man Dwntwn, GrVill) Streets - Day

Any chat room without this designation will be assumed to be on local time unless already agreed to and established by players in a scene.

We understand that players can't change the time of day in permanent rooms, so if you rather play in another time of day than the default, either create a new room with the name of the permanent room followed by the time of day or simply use the permanent room and agree with your fellow players what time it is and make sure to inform incoming players as to the present conditions of the setting and include the time of day. If no such notification is given, then it will be assumed that it is local time in the scene.

Naming Conventions

Generally, we keep the naming conventions consistent and they follow this format:

(Borough District, Neighborhood) Chat Room Name

These labels are abbreviated like so: 

(Man Dwntwn, GrVill) Streets

Abbreviations List

All abbreviations can also be found in the Chat Room Index next to their headings in ()s.


Manhattan = .Man

Bronx = Bx

Brooklyn = Br

Staten Island = SI

Queens = Qu


Note that districts apply specifically to Manhattan.

Upper Manhattan = Uptwn

Midtown Manhattan = Mdtwn

Manhattan Between Midtown and Downtown = BeMiDo

Lower Manhattan = Dwntwn


Neighborhood abbreviations can be found in ()s next to the neighborhood listing in the Chat Room Index.

Generic Chat Rooms

There are tons of streets and alleys and little hidden corners of New York City. We're not going to get into the business of naming all of them. That task is just too monumental. So we have a grouping of chat locations that are just generic. These generic or default chat rooms are separated by Borough and follow these naming conventions: 

  • (Borough) Street
  • (Borough) Alley
  • (Borough) Sewer
  • (Borough) Subway
  • (Borough) Elevated

If generic rooms are not to your taste, feel free to use the provided interactive map to find a suitable setting for on the fly scenes and such. Then you can create a chat room with a lesser known neighborhood feature that is specifically named. We encourage you to review the map and use the place names provided by Google to name your parks, squares, cafés, etc. Also, you can designate your location further if instead of using a generic street room by referencing your nearest intersection in the room name like so:

  • (.Man Mdtwn) 38th and 8th

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