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Central Park
Section: Uptown Manhattan
Neighborhood: Upper East Side, Upper West Side, parts of Harlem
Address: From Central Park South (59th St) to Central Park North (110th St)
Owner/Operator: Public Space
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In the middle of Manhattan is world famous Central Park, a sprawling expanse of thickets, rolling lawns, baseball diamonds, basketball courts, tennis courts, plazas, skating rinks, wooded trails, and ponds surrounded on all sides by the expensive park side high rises of the Upper East and West Sides. The terrain varies widely over the 843 acres that make up Central Park, everything from the wide walkways, plazas and statues of the Mall; to the paved roads which serve as pathways for picturesque carriage rides; to the myriad of jogging trails and winding walks to obscure little unpaved trails, hidden nooks, and rocky crags in the more dense wooded areas where the terrain has been left un-landscaped without lampposts or park benches.

The park was established in 1853 and acts as a haven for nature lovers and joggers alike as it offers a wide range of amenities appealing to all New Yorkers. Some of these include boat rentals, carriage rides, ice skating, roller-blading, visits to the zoo, bird watching, jogging, league sports, swimming, tennis, bicycling, outdoor concerts, etc. No matter the season, Central Park still appeals to New Yorkers who find the gigantic expanse of greenery in the middle of their city a convenient escape from the hustle and bustle of life in the concrete jungle.

As this is such an expansive landmark, there is no way a brief description can do it justice. For more information and RP inspiration, please see the official websites:
Central Park Conservancy the Official Site for Central Park
NYC Department of Parks & Recreation
Central Park Police Precinct

Creating Central Park Rooms

Since Central Park is so huge it's realistically not practical to have a singular Central Park chat room. What we've decided to do is create several rooms that are in Central Park and divide it up as if the park were a neighborhood or district of the city. So any room that would be in Central Park, should be prefaced with a CP in the chat room name. We have started off a list below of room names, but again the park is just so expansive that it's impossible to get everything in. Therefore, players and staff are free to add their own rooms to the chat room list and if you want a particular room added, make one in the corresponding Player Page. STs can make a request to have a room added along with a description through the corresponding ST Page. The map provided should be a good tool in discovering other areas of the location and Google Street Views is an excellent source for additional photos.

Default Central Park Room List
  • Wollman Ice Skating Rink - an outdoor ice skating rink open only during fall and winter. It opens in October. During the spring and summer it converts into a little outdoor amusement park.
  • Central Park Zoo - a nice comprehensive Zoo, small compared to world famous Bronx Zoo, but still a lovely spot.
  • The Mall - A long wide walkway bisecting Central Park beginning around Center Drive and ending at Bethesda Fountain. It's home to book faires and festivals.
  • Bethesda Fountain - A landmark at the Lake overlooking the Boathouse.
  • The Boathouse - A café overlooking the Lake.
  • Tavern on the Green - Yes it's closed IRL, but we still have it! Tavern on the Green is an iconic restaurant located at 66th St. Tranverse Rd. and Central Park West. It's been featured in many films and likely is most recognizeable to us from its appearance in Ghostbusters (where Rick Moranis gets possessed by the bad doggy).
  • The Ramble - A densely vegetated large patch of Central Park with winding footpaths. Set aside by the city at the behest of early conservationists, it's been preserved in its original state as much as possible given its location in such a busy city.
  • Delacorte Theater - an amphitheater.
  • Belvedere Castle - one of the highest points in Central Park. It was originally intended as a lookout spot and nature observatory. It currently houses meteorological equipment and has a few little weather exhibits and is a scenic location.
  • The Great Lawn - a huge green lawn and favored spot for pic nics, people watching, baseball, Frisbee, and relaxing.
  • Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir - A very large reservoir, famous for its path around its circumference which is favored by joggers year-round.
  • Central Park Tennis Center - A huge tennis complex.
  • Lasker Public Pool - A free public swimming pool which converts into an ice rink during the winter.
  • North Meadow Recreation Center - Features handball courts, rock climbing, basketball courts, and other amenities.









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