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Werewolf: the Apocalypse in World of Darkness: Gotham has been altered somewhat from vanilla revised edition. Most veteran players will understand the changes. Newer players to WtA may not understand them, but learn to appreciate them. Most of the changes revolve around the lack of focus on the metaplot. Understand that the metaplot has already been played out and so we feel free to take any mood and theme from WtA and apply it to our needs. We have chosen to NOT focus on the End Times and Anthelios. Rather we have modified the systems and policies to draw a distinction between an urban setting and a wilderness setting. This is where our focus lies.

In this WoDG Werewolf Systems sub-category and in the Werewolf Policies sub-category, you’ll find all the specific modifications you’ll need to know for running a Garou or Kinfolk character in WoDG. Please review.

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