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This category contains character creation resources for Werewolf: The Apocalypse in World of Darkness: Gotham. Here is where you can find character creation rules and supporting documentation to help you get into the game faster.

Before embarking on the process of creating a werewolf in WoDG, understand that the WtA venue is in an urban environment. As such, it’s worth mentioning that non-urban tribes are at a disadvantage within the setting. They simply have not been adapted to living among humans and urban spirits in their cities over thousands of generations the way that the urban tribes have.

Cities are alien environments for which they are not suited, nor are they comfortable in them. For more information on specific rulings, please see Werewolf Systems.

Because of this, we have limited the amount of rural Garou in WoDG. The STs will not accept any concept which features a rural tribe being savvy at navigating the intricacies of human society or cities.

Some Fera are found in urban environments and are likely very plausible denizens of a city like New York. However, we are not and will not ever offer them as player characters. That is simply not a direction where we will head with this venue.

All incoming players to the Werewolf: The Apocalypse venue should read Garou 101.

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