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In World of Darkness: Gotham, our aim is explore the core of the vampiric condition in our Vampire: The Masquerade venue. To us the intrigue and escapades borne out of the struggle that each Kindred wrestles with nightly is well deserving of attention and an exciting place for characters to begin developing. That eternal struggle is not about Jyhad. It is not about preventing or causing Gehenna. It is the eternal struggle for the last vestiges of the Kindred’s human soul as it struggles with the Beast within.

In this setting, players can expect to find their characters thrust in a world where the lines between friend and foe are blurred as nothing will ever be as it seems. They will have to find ways to claw to the top or be trodden down on the bottom. Issues of Domain, Status, Prestation and Influence will be paramount as it pertains to the player characters. They will be faced with the impossible choice at every turn – the choice between personal power and survival or their Humanity and sanity.

Minions of the strong Camarilla leadership will be at every turn. They will be watching to see who must be brought down and who to add to their collection of pawns on the eternal chessboard.

In most online games one finds player characters occupying most key positions in a city from the outset. The STs of WoDG have had experience in both occupying these positions with NPCs and with PCs. They have found that in populating a city's Camarilla leadership with PCs, difficulties arise from a wide range of areas such as players not being able to meet the demanding commitments of playing a leadership role, as well as issues dealing with character development and RP opportunities. Therefore, all players will start with neonate characters and the Kindred associated with key positions will be NPCed by the STs of WoDG. It is not to say that our focus will take us away from Elysium, court and all that good stuff. We simply prefer to home in on the struggles of neonates while the elders remain in the shadows, properly pulling the strings.


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