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This category is for player created chat room locations.

To create a setting locations page page simply type the following in the search field and click Go or enter:


Substitute the Setting Name for your setting's actual name.

Click on the red link given with your page name to create.

Then you are on your way to creating your first Setting Page.

If you want to link back to this Category enter the following at the bottom of your Setting Page.

 [[Category:Player Created Settings]]

That will create a link to this page which will then show your setting here in an indexed list.

To make the setting page show up in the indexed list according to alphabetical order enter the following:


Please include a description of your setting as well as a Map location and Street View. For information on how to use these features, please see: Help with Advanced Wiki Features or simply view the wiki mark up for existing setting wiki articles to get an idea of how to add maps and street views to your setting page.

It's highly recommended that you follow the Sample Setting Layout provided. All you have to do is follow the instructions or view the source there and copy and paste to your page. The formatting work is done for you.

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