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  • New to World of Darkness: Gotham?
  • Pressed for time?
  • Eager to just get in game?
  • Are you just new and lost and would like it if someone would make things a bit easier on you?

We get it. It can be intimidating and a little tough joining a new gaming group. Trying to find your way around is always a challenge. We know we've provided a lot of detail to the community and that can be a somewhat overwhelming.

But do not despair!

That's why we've made this New Player Quick Start category.

Here new players can find a step by step guide to help orient themselves to key sections of the website based on their chosen venue. That way you can get in game quickly and easily while learning where to find stuff. 

So take a deep breath and start with the links below:

Vampires and Ghouls Start Here!

Mages and Acolytes Start Here!

Werewolves and Kinfolk Start Here!

Mortals Start Here!

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