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Before embarking on the process of creating a mortal in WoDG, understand that you will start with a mortal with no connection to the supernatural. Mortals with connection to the supernatural belong in their respective venues of Vampire, Mage, Werewolf. They will not be created here. See Mortal Venue Change Policies for more information.

If you are looking to make a PC or NPC that is a supporting character to a supernatural or plans to become a supporting character to a supernatural here are the links for your convenience:

Note: NPCs that are mortal (not Ghouls) which support a vampire (like blood dolls and some members of the Herd) player character and never will be Ghouls, follow the guidelines for Mortal Character Creation. Law Enforcement Characters use Law Enforcement Character Creation.

Also it's worth mentioning that MtR in WoDG is a suitable venue for all player types. The venue contains a range of hardened veterans to cWoD and newbies. However, it's an ideal venue for players completely new to WoDG and to the World of Darkness RPGs.

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