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In World of Darkness: Gotham, Mortal: The Riven is a venue to be enjoyed in its own right for its own charm and challenges. We do not envision it as a venue of kick-ass humans with crazy superpowers fighting against a horde of supernatural baddies for the benefit of Mankind. That’s just b-movie action cheese and we’re not going to go there.

Instead we focus on the struggles of humans in the setting with their everyday problems. Some of these humans become intertwined in the games of the supernaturals. Some do not. Some discover their existence while others do not.

Whatever the case, we do allow cunning mortal players the freedom to become forces in their own right. They can rise to the top of their given profession be it legal or illegal. They can be an unwitting pawn or they can be a real pain in the ass. For example, one smart, hardnosed and high profile reporter is enough to make life a little rough for most supernatural creatures.

In the event of the discovery of supernatural creatures, mortal characters will be faced with many different choices for growth. Whatever they choose we seek to provide a world of different shades of grey instead of the black and whites presented in some of the texts. Those who choose ultimately to hunt will do so with their own cunning and ingenuity instead of being imbued with crazy ass superpowers and a black and white mandate absolving their consciences of any wrong doing because well – it was only a monster.


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