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This category contains character creation resources for Mage: The Ascension in World of Darkness: Gotham. Here is where you can find character creation rules and supporting documentation to help you get into the game faster.

WoDG focuses on True Magick (or for you revised die-hards Sphere Magic). As such, we only support Mages and not Linears. We will never ever support Linears. In fact Linears are not part of the Traditions. These are hedge magicians and not True Magi as far as this game is concerned.

Further, we have a focus on the Traditions and keep the player base manageable by centering events around one multi-tradition chantry. We do not allow Disparates such as Orphans or Crafts. Hollow Ones are disallowed. We simply do not have the ST coverage to accommodate those types of characters and we do not ever intend to be a Chronicle that seeks to cater to every type of sub-group in the World of Darkness.

Please see Mage Systems and Mage Policies for more information about our core philosophy and approach to Mage: The Ascension.

All incoming players to the Mage: The Ascension venue should read Mage 101.

Note that MtA in WoDG is a suitable venue for hardcore players and as such is an INVITE ONLY venue. It is not a venue suitable for Casual RPers. This is simply because mage characters require a lot of upkeep and work to develop properly.

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