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Mage: The Ascension in World of Darkness: Gotham is about focusing on some core concepts and themes that have been classics since the game was first published. It is a game about challenging preconceptions and pushing boundaries wherever they may be. Paradigm and Belief couple with principles of Ascension and Enlightenment among the Awakened and collide with consensus. It’s a dangerous struggle against stasis with the Ascension War being a focus. The old cliché that “nothing is ever what it seems” takes on profound new depths when all parties be they Tradition magi or one of their enemies command the very fibers of reality – and those fibers are so very often stretched ever so thinly.

Though those vicious clandestine conflicts pale when compared to the inner conflict of the mage. Each mage walks a very fine line struggling to strike a balance between temperance and power while thirsting for understanding. The problem lies in what the price is for that understanding. Because in World of Darkness: Gotham understanding the reality of True Magick is the prize. Paradox is again the harsh and ever watchful reminder of the danger of the mage’s path and his hubris.

Players will be challenged to navigate a politically charged landscape while also dealing with their characters’ external and internal nemeses. Old metaplots are tossed and Ascension is still up for grabs. The world as we know it has obviously not ended, the Storm is not raging, and the masters are not gone – leaving room for all sorts of twists and turns of our own as the Ascension War comes to life.

Character Development will be the key to advancement as players will be asked to explore their characters’ Paradigm and Belief and delve deep into the philosophical questions posed by events as they unfold. Players will be free to fully explore and enjoy what it is wield magicK with a K again. Hopefully they will not rip their characters to shreds doing it.

In some online games one finds player characters occupying key positions in a chantry from the outset. The STs of WoDG have had experience in both occupying these positions with NPCs and with PCs. They have found that in populating a chantry's leadership with PCs, difficulties arise from a wide range of areas such as players not being able to meet the demanding commitments of playing a leadership role, as well as issues dealing with Character Development and RP opportunities. Therefore, all players will start with beginning mage characters and the mages associated with key positions will be NPCed by the STs of WoDG. Most mage players have a focus on their own PC's struggle for Ascension and to find a place among the Awakened and within their own respective cabals, rarely do we find players interested in running characters looking to become deacons and councilors.

Note: As our Mage: The Ascension venue is intensive, it is open to current community members who have been invited to participate only. We extend invitations to community members who possess the following:

  1. A demonstrated track record of regular and active participation in another WoDG venue.
  2. A conscientious and respectful attitude towards other community members.
  3. Proven communication skills and ability to keep others in the loop regarding absences.
  4. A love of brain teasers and mind benders of all sorts.
  5. An ability to get deep into character.
  6. An ability to wade into controversial subject matter.
  7. Uninhibited and open minded.


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