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Gotham: A city of endless spires of glass and steel raking at a dreary sky. The denizens of New York City shuffle about their daily tasks unsuspecting of what lurks among the winding alleys, hidden tunnels, and networks of streets dwarfed by the tightly compacted buildings towering over them. Not one raised eyebrow is raised in the lofty offices that answer to callous boardrooms. Not one side long glance is offered in a city where compassion is an obstacle to higher profits and ambition. The streets are littered with dark places where no one asks questions and the bustling residents are too busy trying claw their way up and survive to jeopardize their shot at the big times in the big city.

Bright Lights, Big City

Articles in the Gotham category of the WoDG Wiki all relate to the Chronicle setting. Here is where community members will find a bunch of material on tons of topics like: New York City history, geography, penumbra, culture, demographics, climate, chat room descriptions, interactive maps, etc. You name it, it's here.

There's an awful lot stuff provided. We know that it can be overwhelming. Understand that we don't expect anyone to memorize any of this. So take a deep breath, kick back, relax and browse at your leisure.

It's more intended as a research aide for players and Storytellers who are looking for a higher level of detail or inspiration for charater histories and for storyline development.

Or you can think of this area of the WoDG Wiki as a reference guide and use it to look up setting details quickly as you need them. 


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