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Welcome to World of Darkness: Gotham's Equipment Category. Here we keep lists of available equipment and their statistics for our Classic World of Darkness RPG community.

Right now we have Weapons and Armor lists available. With the help of the entire community, we will expand this list to include more weapons and armor as well as other equipment types. Simply post your ideas on our Equipment forum thread and we'll see about adding things in.

Please note that we have both carried and owned equipment types on your character sheets. While we don't require an itemized inventory of all your character's possessions, we do require that all players have listed any items that might come to be pertinent in play. Business cards, cell phones, computers, IDs (including type, name on the ID, state issued, if it's fake or genuine, etc), items of material or personal value, etc. should be listed. We don't want to know each pair of slacks your character owns, but we'll want to know which pairs are reinforced. We don't want to know how many pots and pans your character has in his kitchen, but we will want to know if he has a rare book collection that is important to him and its approximate worth and the names of a few volumes and editions of some of the more highly valued items.

If it's not on your sheet, and you think it might be pivotal in a scene, then you need to submit an EQ ticket to the STs BEFORE you use it in a scene. Otherwise it's just not there.



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