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This area will be for profiles of characters found within World of Darkness: Gotham. This area is for both Players and Storytellers to create and edit pages of NPCs and PCs.


What Should You Put In A Character Profile Page?

These profiles are all legitimate IC information to be read by all players of WoDG and STs. This means nothing sensitive or venue specific should be within them. We recommend including a picture, description of what someone might gather upon first seeing your character, and perhaps a little common knowledge on them suitable to what one might find if they searched for them on Google.

Graphic Content

You must note your level of tolerance for graphic content. The default standard for public rooms is between NC-17 or M for Mature. Meaning that there can be some sexual content such as innuendo and nudity, some gore and violence (like you'd see in a slasher flick like one of the Saw films), mature themes (drug use), and foul language.

Play Styles

Another area you might find helpful to include is a blurb on your play style so that other players know what to expect.

Below are our identified play styles. Most people are a combination. Pick which one fits you best and then describe where you may differ.


You prefer to log in a couple times a month up to as much as once a week and just get in character. You really don't expect or want to get involved in ST storylines and enjoy more open gaming and player driven stories. Your character has really no serious gameworld impacting goals to speak of. Your play style might be quite passive. You enjoy socializing IC most. You identify with your characters, but you're not really invested in their growth. IRL is really too busy to really get into things too deeply or you consider RP only a small part of your entertainment time.

Casual players are just here to get in game and relax IC as they often are too busy IRL to get in and game. They are players who appreciate the ability to get IC when the fancy strikes them, can't make a commitment to the game, and don't create any work for STs. Although their characters are as compelling as any other player's character, they stick to concepts that don't require a lot of maintenance to pull off.

Casual players will not be allowed to create any characters that are of restricted character types such as rural Garou tribes, metis, or Tremere. Due to the sheer amount of time involved in managing a mage character, they will be off limits to casual players.


You are a casual to semi-serious player who logs in more regularly (a few times a week). The bulk of your play is in open gaming and player driven stories, but you're up for playing in ST storylines as a change of pace and to meet your character goals. You do have a couple serious milestones you'd like to accomplish with your character. Your play style might be a bit more aggressive as you mix up socializing with a bit of IC scheming. You identify with your characters, and you'd like to see them grow. IRL is really busy, but you try to carve out entertainment time for yourself regularly and keep to it. One of your favoured things to do for entertainment is RP.

Semi-Hardcore players wish they had the time to play more. Their activity may be spotty as they go through bouts of being super busy IRL to not so busy. Their ticket activity reflects that as they spend their time mostly in open gaming, but hook into a story when their time allows for it. When they are active, they post tickets and when they aren't they give staff a break and hold off on the sheet work that they may otherwise generate.

Semi-Hardcore players will not be allowed to create any characters that are of restricted character types such as rural Garou tribes, metis, or Tremere.


You are a serious player who logs in almost each day. Not only do you participate in open gaming and you enjoy stirring things up and your engaged style keeps other players busy with story hooks you supply. You are a self-starter player who enjoys actively moving storylines along. You are constantly working to achieve a wide variety of character goals and you consider your character's strategy carefully. You find an aggressive play style as your favoured mode. You identify intimately with your characters and you are actively growing them in game and in downtime. You are busy IRL, but you have definite entertainment time almost every day. Your favourite thing to do for entertainment is to RP.

Hardcore players are consistent in their activity level and have the most time to play. They are often hubs of player activity as storylines tend to spill from their interactions with other player characters as they deliver news of in-game events and are embroiled in many player driven stories. Their consistency requires a lot of upkeep on both the player side and the staff side as they generate tickets and sheet work on a consistent basis.

Only hardcore players who have demonstrated a six month track record of consistent and conscientious participation in WoDG will be allowed to create any characters that are of restricted character types such as rural Garou tribes, metis, or Tremere. Any history of flaky behavior will result in a flat denial of consideration. In taking on the responsibility of playing a restricted character type, the player will maintain a regular activity level with that character. This means regular play a couple times a week and follow up activities such as downtime.

Creating Your Character Profile Page

To create your character page simply type the following in the search field and click Go or enter:

Player Page: Character Name

Substitute the Character Name for your character's name.

Click on the red link given with your page name to create.

Then you are on your way to creating your first Player Page.

Alternate Method for Creating a Character Page

  1. Log into the chat.
  2. Right click on your player character's name in the Users list.
  3. Select the Wikipage link.
  4. This will open up to your Player Page.
  5. Begin editing it as normal.

Linking Your Page To This Character Profiles Category

Further reading: Help, Wiki Cheat Sheet

If you want to link back to this Category enter the following at the bottom of your Player Page.

 [[Category: Character Profiles]]

That will create a link to this page which will then show your character here in an indexed list.

To make the character page show up in the indexed list according to alphabetical order enter the following:


NOTE: For those of you who are wiki n00bs. You can simply use the sample template into your own Player Page by clicking the View Source Tab above and then copying the code. Then on your own Player Page paste and fill in your own information and replace the URL with the URL of your own character picture. Player Page:Sample Character Profile

Character Stats and Appearance

It's an option to make note of any social merits that you want to have taken into account when others come across your character. Remember that whatever you make available can be taken into character.

Appearance and Character Portraits

Appearance is no less a legitimate Attribute paid for by players than Strength, Stamina, Dexterity, Manipulation, Intelligence, etc.

As part of Chronicle Policy, players are expected to play ALL their stats as they are on your character sheet NOW, not as they wish those stats were or will be sometime in the future. This includes APPEARANCE.

Players who have chosen portraits of attractive models, actors, celebrities, or other persons must have the APPEARANCE rating to carry it off. Those who do not will be asked to choose another picture for their character or will be required to spend any EXP they gain first and foremost on upping their character's APPEARANCE.

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