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This category contains all the information needed to use the Character Dossier System. This category will expand significantly as future versions of the system are rolled out. The system will have many added features and applications as it develops.

Current Version: Character Dossier 0.9


You may be asking yourself, "what is a Character Dossier?"

In short: The Character Dossier is a central location where you manage aspect of your character and its development.

To elaborate further, the Character Dossier System is a character view, character edit and ticket system wrapped up in one. Which contains an expanded 5 page character sheet in which to fully develop your character and an easy to use ticket system which you can send EXP/EQ or Character Sheet change requests to your ST along with downtime and any other requests relating to character development that you might have.

Character Dossier Ticket Types

There are several ticket types for players to initiate in order to manage their characters. These tickets will send the request to their venue's ST team to review.

  • Sanctioning Ticket - Ticket initiated by the player as the last step in the character creation process.
  • EXP Ticket - Ticket initiated by the player when he wants to spend experience points and raise a character trait.
  • Activity Bonus Ticket - Ticket initiated by the player when his PC qualifies for additional Experience.
  • EQ Ticket - Ticket initiated by the player when he wants to have a piece of miscellaneous mundane equipment added to his character sheet.
  • EQ Weapon Ticket - Ticket initiated by the player when he wants to have a weapon added to his character sheet.
  • EQ ArmorTicket - Ticket initiated by the player when he wants to have an armor item added to his character sheet.
  • Rote Ticket - Ticket initiated by player when he wants to create a new rote for his mage.
  • Wonder Ticket - Ticket initiated by player when he wants to desing a new wonder for his mage.
  • Sheet Change Ticket - Ticket initiated by the player when he wants to update a miscellaneous entry on his character sheet like his character history, agenda, goals, etc.
  • Downtime Ticket - Ticket initiated by the player when he wants to do something with his character's downtime.
  • Bug Ticket - Ticket initiated by the player to the technical team for bug reporting purposes.
  • Contact Ticket - Ticket initated by STs to communicate instructions to a player or to report on miscellaneous activities within the setting affecting the player's PC. Contact tickets are also used as the main means of communicating with STs after a player has been sanctioned. Pre-sanctioning, use the Poke a ST forum.

Notes on Using the Character Dossier

Note that tickets are ONLY available to ACTIVE players (Someone who has logged in at least once per week in a calendar month and RPed in open RP.). Tickets handed in by INACTIVE players will be rejected.

Sheet Change and Equipment tickets should specify where the changes should be made on the sheet in the ticket and players should put the changes in a copy and paste format so that STs are clear what is to go on the sheet where when processing tickets.

Example of a Request

Please put the following in my character's equipment carried:

--- BEGIN COPY -----

A pocket knife:

--- END COPY ----

Getting to the Character Dossier

So how do I get to the Character Dossier?

You just follow the link in your user menu as shown in the screen shot below:

Character Dossier Link. Click to enlarge image.

You will be presented with a landing page where you can choose any of your characters you have in the system via a drop down form. Choose the character you want to view in the drop down and press submit.

Note: If you have not submitted a character sheet, no drop down will appear in the Character Dossier.

Character Dossier. Character drop down list. Click to enlarge image.

As you can see in the screen shot below, you are now in the Character Dossier. 

Character Dossier landing page. Click to enlarge image.

What Can You Do in the Character Dossier?

In the Character Dossier you can:

These options can be reached with the Tabs system on the right side as in the figure above.

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