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This area is reserved for player and character created Alliances(Coteries, packs, cabals, etc) found within World of Darkness: Gotham. This area is for Players to create and edit pages their Alliances. For more information, please visit the Alliances page.

To create your Alliance's Page simply type the following in the search field and click Go or enter:


Substitute the ALLIANCE NAME for the appellation of your Alliance.

Click on the red link given with your page name to create.

Then you are on your way to creating your Alliance's Page.

To link back to this Category enter the following at the bottom of your Player Page.


That will create a link to this page which will then show your Alliance Page here in an indexed list.

Note: Remember that any public Alliance page can be taken IC by other players. Only put on that page what you want others to know IC. Private Alliance pages are protected and viewable only by members of your Alliance.

This category currently contains no pages or media.

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