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Bonds of Blood: A Roleplaying Resource
"I'll give you give candy, give you diamonds, give you pills,
Give you anything you want, hundred dollar bills,
I'll even let you watch the shows you want to see,
Just marry me, marry me, marry me..."

Dramarama – Anything

Eternal life…eternal love…eternal slavery. Yep, my friends, that's what we're talking about. Being Blood Bound is not the greatest thing in the world. You may think it's cool for a vampire to feel emotions and care for another individual. You may think it's cool that a vampire can find love. Don't count on it.

I'm going to assume most of you have been in love at some point in your lives. You get tongue-tied when the object of you attraction is around; you can't stop thinking about your favorite person; you want to do anything you can to please your lover. Well, being Blood Bound is that…and a whole lot more.

Imagine for a moment that you could have ANYTHING in the world that you want. You could walk into your hall closet and pull out, say, a million dollars or a brand new corvette or that really nice ranch-style house you saw the other day on the lake. This closet has all the answers to all of your desires. You don't have to eat, drink or do anything. You simply go to your closet and find whatever you want or need inside. If you want to find pleasure, you simply go and bask in the glow of your beautiful hall closet that provides you with all of your needs.

Now imagine that you are a vampire. You have only one need: BLOOD. You have only one desire: BLOOD. You have only one pleasure BLOOD. You have only one thing that truly brings you pleasure: BLOOD. You spend every waking moment seeking BLOOD and the ecstasy and sustenance that it brings. You dream of BLOOD while you sleep through the days. All thoughts of sex, money, power and love have left you. There is only BLOOD. That is the life of a vampire.

Now imagine again that you are a vampire. You still have the same want, need and desire: BLOOD. But now there's an added twist: you find that the essence you so desire is even better when taken from one particular individual. This individual is another vampire, like yourself. She is an animal like you that seeks only BLOOD. And she has power over you. You will do anything, anytime, to anyone and for any reason; she only has to ask. It is her power over you that makes the Blood Bond so horrifying. You believed before that you would do anything for your mortal lover. You have no idea. Now you will kill for your master. You will die for your master. Your master can do no wrong and anything she does you will find justification for.

You are a slave. You seek only to serve your master and claim your reward: a taste of your master's vitae. Make no mistake, this is a life-long ordeal; and life as a vampire can be awfully long. And as you sink deeper into your desire to serve your master, you find the horror and degradation of being a Kindred slave offensive and terrifying, but not something you never want to leave behind. If you ever tried to break free you would never have that deepest of pleasures again, and no one wants to leave behind perfect ecstasy.

This is all food for thought when considering the nature of your character’s blood bond. Remember, vampires do not love. They hunt. They do not feel emotion for another. Every time they try, it gets twisted by the Beast. They destroy. If your character is Blood Bound to another or  becomes Blood Bound to another, do not play it like a high school girl swooning over the gorgeous star quarterback even if it is a mutual bond (which is insane and terrifying to any Kindred). The Blood Bond is slavery that the Thrall feels deep inside. You know it's slavery, you recognize it for what it is and hate your existence because of it, but will never even think of escaping as this slavery brings with it the added hold of pure ecstasy and the answer to the only desire you have: BLOOD!

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